Social Story Sharing for Brands and Nonprofits

At Share More Stories, we’re guided by a singular belief: that everyone has a story to tell and it must be told. That is why we are so focused on empowering people to share those stories through

We also know that our society is full of marketing messages from just about every source imaginable. Companies, brands and nonprofits are desperately trying to break through the noise and ensure their message is heard. Well, we have a message for all the messengers: stop talking, and just listen.

Listen to your stakeholders – your customers, your employers, your contributors, your partners – because they’re talking about you, even if you’re not part of the conversation. They’re already sharing stories about their experiences with your brand, organization or company with their family members, friends and colleagues, on social media and face-to-face.

And in other cases, they’re sharing stories from their lives – personal narratives based on their life experiences – and while these may not appear to have anything to do with you, they could very well have everything to do with you.

Share More Stories for Brands believes one of the best ways for companies, brands and nonprofits to engage their key stakeholders is to invite them to share their stories with them – openly, transparently and authentically. This is what we call Brand Story Sharing. And it’s the future of engagement.

In a nutshell, we’re talking about a Continuum of Brand Interaction, and it looks like this:

Continuum of Brand Interaction

The question for your brand or organization is, quite simply: Where are you today?

Look, if you’re already on the right end of the spectrum, well, congratulations! You probably don’t need us, but we’d love to hear – and share – your story just the same!

But if you’ve already mastered your brand communications strategy, and you’re struggling to figure out how to take your brand to the next level, then it’s time to start thinking about deeper engagement – the kind that will lead to more meaningful interactions, deeper relationships, stronger brand equity and more powerful insights.

Share More Stories for Brands offers a digital engagement solution that encompasses a robust social story sharing platform with a proprietary community-based curation process. This powerful combination, which we call Brand Story Sharing, allows businesses and organizations to build lasting and loyal relationships with their audiences and stakeholders.

If you’re a business looking to improve brand relevance, or a nonprofit looking to inspire supporters, then Brand Story Sharing is for you. We’ll help you engage your audience and stakeholders to drive more meaningful interactions, build deeper relationships, strengthen brand equity and deliver powerful insights that, when capitalized on, translate directly to the bottom line.

Benefits of Social Story Sharing

If you want to learn more about Share More Stories for Brands and how Brand Story Sharing can help you achieve this level of brand and organizational engagement, let’s talk.

Your customers, employees and supporters have stories to tell. And through their stories, your true brand story can emerge.

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