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4 Types of Employee Training for Improved Retention

silbchris March 30, 2023
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Employee turnover rates have increased by 9% since 2019. This trend is predicted to increase further by the end of 2023. Why is this?

There are many reasons people choose to leave their jobs. Many leave for better opportunities, more money, and companies that share their beliefs. One of the leading reasons employees leave is due to feeling underappreciated.

A great way to ensure employees never feel this way is to offer employee training schemes. These will reassure employees that they are valuable members of the team and shows that you’re willing to invest in their future.

Don’t know where to start? Here are four types of training your employees will love.

Team building exercises

Everyone knows that teamwork makes dream work. Therefore, learning how to work efficiently as a team is a must for all employees.

Not only will this help your employees work more efficiently, but it’ll help your business too. Effective teamwork has proven to help problem-solving, innovation, and productivity.

If your employees trust and respect their colleagues, they’re sure to enjoy their job more. You do simple team-building exercises in your workplace or take it a step up and invite your employees out to pub quizzes, escape rooms, or even plan a scavenger hunt.

Leadership training

Another way you can improve employee turnover is by hiring within your company. Instead of looking for outside talent, look inside at your existing employees.

Doing this is shown to improve employee happiness. It allows your staff to feel valued and nurtured. Plus, it saves time since you can bypass the recruitment and induction stages of hiring.

If you are considering hiring within your company, sending the newly promoted employee to leadership training could be the way to go. Not only will this increase their understanding and confidence, but it’ll also put your mind at ease.

First aid qualifications

No matter your industry, all workplaces need a first aid kit and someone to oversee this. This designated person doesn’t need a full first aid qualification, but it could be an excellent opportunity for your staff.

Offering to fully fund and support an employee getting a first aid qualification is a great idea. On the one hand, an employee has the chance to update their CV with a new shiny qualification. On the other hand, the rest of your staff can rest easy knowing they’re well looked after. It’s a win-win!

However, it’s important to remember that first-aiders can only protect your business to an extent. To fully protect your business, make sure you have all the relevant insurance and keep up to date with risk assessments.

Skill workshops

Last but not least is a training scheme your employee is bound to love. Specialised skill workshops will allow your staff to learn and grow as professionals, boosting their confidence and expertise in the process.

There are countless training days, workshops and conferences across the country. These events happen both online and offline, with some not charging for the privilege. Training can cover technical and practical skills for every industry. No matter your business type, there’s a training programme for every employee.

Employees love to see employers investing in their staff. If you create an atmosphere of support and knowledge, your employee retention is sure to improve.

Turn the tables on employee turnover

Everyone deserves to feel valued and supported at work. You can do this with employee training.

The best way to improve employee retention is to invest in them. Organise fun team bonding days. Encourage them by hiring internally. Offer new opportunities through first aid training. Fund their urge to learn new skills. By doing this, you’ll quickly see a change in your business.



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