What We Do and Why We Do It

Share More Stories (SMS) creates human insights and engagement for innovative companies through authentic personal stories.

We do this through a unique platform that combines facilitated storytelling workshops and IBM’s Watson AI technology to uncover actionable insights critical to driving growth. To date, it has been used by companies in one of four ways:

  • To uncover consumer insights that shape brand and marketing strategy
  • To engage consumers and build stronger connection and alignment based on brand values
  • To engage employees and drive deeper understanding between management and the workforce
  • To uncover community stakeholder perspectives, and drive deeper alignment and collaboration in the places where employees work, live and play

We use authentic personal storytelling because these stories are unique in their ability to drive meaning and connection. In our experiential storytelling workshops, participants craft their own stories in real time, often for the first time. These stories relate to the deeper emotions and foundational experiences that a company needs to understand to align with its consumers, employees and communities, and solve their problems. After stories are created in our workshops we use our online platform, powered by IBM’s Watson AI technology, to analyze these stories and develop human insights based the underlying values and expectations driving behavior. Finally, we identify the tangible ways that companies can apply these insights to align, improve and grow.

smsiconShare More Stories (SMS) was founded by James Warren in Summer 2014. Our long-term vision is to improve human self-expression and connection through story, and we are guided by the wonderful words of Maya Angelou, who said that “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” We imagine a place where fewer and fewer people suffer these untold stories, and the rest of the world rejoices with them upon hearing and sharing what these storytellers have to say.

SMS is based on the ideas that the storytelling experience is meant to be social, and that people, companies and communtiies can collaborate through stories, to learn from one another and connect on a deeper level. We want to innovate the way stories are created and shared by rekindling the ancient methods of communal, shared storytelling; and, in doing so, also provide new opportunities for insight, alignment, engagement and community.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, SMS partners with JMI (Johnson Marketing) in developing and executing storytelling solutions for companies and organizations across the country.

Learn more about our story from our founder’s perspective.

Brand Storytelling

We make progress towards our vision every time we help people create and share their stories. And one of the most exciting and impactful ways we’re doing that is by helping brands connect with and learn from people through storytelling.

Learn more about how we’re partnering with Johnson Marketing to create storytelling insights and engagement solutions for brands.

This Platform

As we shared recently, SMS remains a place where people can come and share their stories with the world.

It’s also the place where we curate stories on behalf of some of our brand partners and customers. And while more and more of our users are sharing their stories in our brand communities, we remain 100% committed to user privacy and the protection of our users’ information. If you just want to share your story with the broader Share More Stories community (and not with one of our brand partners) then rest assured, it will never be published in a brand community unless you say so.

Our Team

In addition to our amazing partners at Johnson Marketing, Share More Stories has a passionate group of advisors and ambassadors who continue to play an important role in our growth as a company.

<b>James Warren</b>
James WarrenFounder/CEO
<b>Ryan Gilbreath</b>
Ryan GilbreathAmbassador
<b>Patrice Boone</b>
Patrice BooneAmbassador
<b>Darcy Warren</b>
Darcy WarrenAmbassador
<b>Lara Hoefs</b>
Lara HoefsAdvisor
<b>Paula Puryear Martin</b>
Paula Puryear MartinAdvisor
<b>Bev Gray</b>
Bev GrayAmbassador
<b>David Newberger</b>
David NewbergerAdvisor
<strong>Tristan Saw</strong>
Tristan SawAdvisor
<strong>April Spicer</strong>
April SpicerAdvisor
<strong>Jen Pike</strong>
Jen PikeAdvisor
<strong>Andre Dean</strong>
Andre DeanAdvisor

<strong>Elly Hogarth</strong></span><span>
Elly HogarthAmbassador