You know how the story goesyou sit down at your computer, you open up a brand new word"/>

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An easy and straightforward method for beating writer’s block

theellyedit May 05, 2016
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You know how the story goesyou sit down at your computer, you open up a brand new word doc, youve blocked out hours of free time on your calendar, you have a steaming mug of coffee at the ready, and your mind is brimming with ideas, concepts and possibilities. All you need to do now is type. Something. Anything. Just one little sentence to get you started. Half a sentence. A word.

And yet, you cant make it happen.

Instead, your Facebook or Twitter feed gets a good scrolling. You refill your long-empty coffee mug. You decide that catching up on the days news right that minute is a priority, or that you are hungry and need to go immediately in search of a snack. Still, your word doc remains empty, and your frustration grows.

So what can you do when this so-called writers block(or what I like to term blank screen affliction) strikes? Easy – simply put pen to paper.

This is an old trick that I have used countless times when the words won’t flow from my fingertips to the keyboard and computer screen. I cant tell you exactly why it works – perhaps its a subconscious or inherent signal to the brain that when holding a pen to paper, words must be produced – but no matter how many times I have tried it, it works.

So what should you write about when trialling this mind-trick? Well, I find writing just about anything can help kick-start word flow. Write a shopping list. Write what you ate for dinner the past five nights. Write what you hope to achieve at the end of your blocked out time-period in your calendar. Perhaps even try writing the first sentence you want to appear on your computer screen. It doesnt matter, just try writing something using pen and paper!

And before you know it, you might just find yourself with a page (or three!) of prose. Then the easy part comes – transcribing your written scrawls to type, and adding any other words that are sure to come now that youve kicked off the writing process. Before long, youll have your story written, your goal achieved, and a wonderful sense of accomplishment, all thanks to a singular pen and a piece of paper.


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  1. RyanG May 8, 2016

    Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  2. James Warren May 14, 2016

    Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing!


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