Brand Storytelling

Your consumers, employees and communities have stories to tell. And through their stories, your true brand narrative can emerge.

SMS delivers authentic and emotional narratives directly from consumers, employees and stakeholders to brands and organizations who want to listen and learn. It’s a bridge that creates conversations through which SMS helps companies understand how their communities think, feel and connect with brands and each other. SMS also tells the stories of our customers and their respective consumers and stakeholders in a unique way. It’s a platform on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and insights.

Our brand storytelling solution also works well as a tool for employee engagement and learning, and for community engagement and listening.

Creating Insights Through Stories

SMS creates human insights for innovative companies through personal, experiential storytelling. More in-depth than focus groups and more scalable than ethnography, we blend storytelling, qualitative research and analytics to help better understand people’s lives and experiences and what really motivates them on an emotional level. As a recent graduate of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program, we’re leveraging Watson’s AI and cognitive technologies to provide deeper and more meaningful insights on a much larger scale. With that level of understanding, companies can better solve the problems that their consumers, employees and communities have, and strengthen relationships with them as a result.

How It Works

First, we bring consumers (or employees, community members and other stakeholders) together to create and share personal stories with the brand. These stories are created and shared in online brand communities like Food for Thought:

International Foodservice Giant Connects with Customers and the Community Through Share More Stories

Personal stories are also created and shared through our in-person storytelling workshop, the Shared Narrative Experience:

We provide coaching, tools and templates to help consumers create their stories online or in-person, in real-time, and then we guide them through the process of sharing those stories within the brand community.

Once stories have been shared in person or online, we use our platform to analyze the stories and extract meaning. Working with our strategic partner, JMI, we combine our brand and organizational acumen, storytelling expertise and powerful AI tools to produce unique, experience-based insights and engagement for companies.

Recent Successes

  • We helped a Fortune 200 energy company develop insights focused on the consumer experience through our digital platform and unique storytelling workshop approach
  • We helped a Fortune 200 consumer packaged goods company and its employees learn and engage through a diversity and inclusion storytelling workshop
  • We helped the Richmond Region’s preeminent leadership development organization accelerate connection by focusing on personal purpose and impact stories in our experiential workshops
  • We helped the global leader in the foodservice industry drive audience growth and client engagement by sharing food recovery stories on our platform and across social media (learn more)
  • We helped a Fortune 200 consumer packaged goods company explore community leadership and collaboration through our experiential storytelling workshop
  • We’re helping one of the leading water, sanitation and hygiene NGOs gain insight and build brand awareness by sourcing and sharing advocacy and program country stories our platform and across social media (learn more)
  • We’ve published hundreds of personal narratives on our digital platform,, focused on the emotional impacts and drivers of various life experiences, ranging from overcoming personal challenges to celebrating the “everyday joys” of life

Check out some of our recent projects in more detail.

If you want to learn more about how Share More Stories and JMI can help you achieve this level of human insight and engagement, let’s talk. You can use the contact form, or call us at 804.644.8515 and ask for James Warren.

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