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Brenda Perspectives

Brenda Perspectives November 18, 2016
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Food For Thought!

How many families go hungry month after month’s due to lack of monthly food stamp allowances, or not enough food in the Frigidaire?

Well, from my own perspectives too many even to the point children’s relies on food nutrients from various school’s cafeteria. Too many have complained to school nurse’s that they have a stomach cramps or headaches. When trying to find out why a certain child, or children’s is having such conditions during the regular school hours. From Brenda Perspectives these are the problems. School’s personnel who is responsible for preparing schools meals are using pre package meals from certain vendor’s and the meals are measured not according to a child eating habits, but to a nutritional standards keeping the child or children’s eating in proportion. This has caused many children who are at risk of being diagnosed with childhood obesity. So, from my Perspectives food supply shortages at home and food proportion at school has caused the child, or children’s the symptoms of starvation. Wow! From Brenda Perspectives it served no good purpose to starve the children’s by making them eat healthier? No! the only purpose healthy meals served in the school cafeteria benefited the vendor’s not the child. Well, this is Brenda Perspectives let me hear from you.



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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! We really value your perspective and contribution. We look forward to reading more of your food recovery stories and learning from your unique experiences. We also created a cool story sharing template just for Food for Thought. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll email it to you!


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