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Empowerment and Triumph

/Empowerment and Triumph

Real-life, personal stories of empowerment and triumph.

Inner Strengths

By |Empowerment and Triumph, Shared Stories

I was blessed and fortunate as a young girl and young adult growing up. Any person would look at my life and say, “You had it all.” And they would be right. I had a family who supported me in all of my endeavors and loved me unconditionally. I had [...]

I More Than Survived, I Thrived! How an After-School Program Helped Change the Trajectory of My Life

By |All In, Empowerment and Triumph, Faith, Family, History, Making an Impact in the Community, Memoir, Reflections, Richmond, Shared Stories, Tragedy and Loss

… I was 14 years old.  It had been 10 long years of abuse from my untreated mentally ill mother and 6 long years of sexual abuse from my mother’s third husband. One morning as my mother physically and mentally abused me, a week after returning from the abortion clinic [...]