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Personal stories about family.

Violence is a Problem of Enlightenment

By |Empowerment and Triumph, Family, History, Leadership, Making an Impact in the Community, Reflections, Shared Stories, Tragedy and Loss

Violence without intelligence, is survival. With intelligence, we are able to delineate what violence is needed, productive violence from senseless, unproductive, unethical violence. The dividing line for violence is debated, but evolving. The more emotionally and logically intelligent we become, the less we value violence as an effective tool. This [...]

Finding Home

By |Family, Richmond, Shared Stories

This story was originally published in the August 2017 issue of Richmond magazine. Halfway through middle school, I asked my mother to homeschool me. She apparently thought it was a good idea, since she homeschooled me through 10th grade. Despite the occasional expression of disapproval and even ridicule, I loved the [...]