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The World Of Stella And Ryan

By |Family, Fiction, Love, Work In Progress

Synopsis: While other high school seniors are dreaming about their futures, Stella and Ryan are just trying to make it through each day. Ryan is overwhelmed by issues at home as he struggles to support his mother. Meanwhile, next door neighbor Stella is left to care for her three younger [...]

Oleksiy Danilovich

By |Fiction

Oleksiy fitted another magazine into his Kalashnikov AK72M Rifle. He had been familiar with the rifle as if it were his own kin. Made of brandished steel on the barrel, and a  real wooden stock, this Rifle had saved him and his men on many occasions. But not this time. [...]

Ramen – The Pseudo bachelor

By |Fiction, Shared Stories

It's been a few months that Ramen is leading a pseudo bachelor life. The alarm ring goes off, he looks at his cell phone and turns that off. Not that he can see anything in that liminal state of sleep and wakefulness, but his seasoned reflex out of long practice [...]

Lagos Through His Eyes

By |Adventure, Fiction, Shared Stories

It was few minutes to midnight, with grave silence sneaking through the often ignored and somewhat complex fabrics of emptiness, leaping boundlessly into obscurity. The faint tick-tick of Segun’s one hundred and sixty gram heavy, gold Rolex Tudor Heritage wristwatch echoed like sweet soul music through a vast distance of [...]

Odd Family Out

By |Fiction, Shared Stories

And then, there was Christabel—Bella—my cousin—a lonely sixteen-year-old girl—pretty, smart, and had a lot of good friends who loved her, but hadn't a boyfriend yet. Well, not a real boyfriend anyways, since she couldn't count Ovie Osemwegie, who made out with her five years ago at a school party, but [...]

The Almost Kiss

By |Fiction, Shared Stories

It was early in a chilly Monday morning with spotless white ominous clouds of fog wrapping every inch of nature. Long trains of soothing dry Harmattan wind receded hurriedly towards Femi as breaths of warm packs of air broke free from under his wide nostrils into oblivion. The often vibrant [...]

The Boss

By |Adventure, Fiction, Life's a Trip

Under normal circumstances i would speak my mind, but, with a gun against my head, i’ll kept my mouth shut. “Look kid this ain’t nothing personal, but the boss gave me orders, ya shoulda listened.” The rough looking man cocked a smile and spit up a foul smelling fluid from [...]

If I were another

By |Fiction, Reflections, Shared Stories

Fatty, hairy monkey-still I hear the voices of the past and a feeling of embarrassment and humiliation in the school bench. I run home crying, though not giving this a know, so as not to blur the image, excellent student. I look in the mirror, I prepare clothes, I'm starting [...]