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Personal stories reflecting on leadership.


By |Leadership, Shared Stories

It seems to me, that the most tolerant people right now, reaching out, being positive, not shouting or belittling. Not bragging or blowing up. And also not scarily silent... are the ones "in the middle".  Not hating either way.  Not boastful, not afraid.  But centered... attempting to speak tactfully about [...]

Friday Focus: Our Thomas Edison Moment

By |Leadership, Shared Stories

The night we launched the crowdfunding campaign for, I texted a friend with two words: “Launched! Gulp.” The reply was full of wonderful encouragement and the message ended with: “This is all gonna work out. Maybe not exactly how and when you’re hoping. But it will all be fantastic.” [...]


By |Leadership, Shared Stories

The forest is thick here, and dragons roar in the distance. I can vaguely make out the outline of a distant ridge, the crest of a distant mountaintop. This must mean, despite the density of them close by, that the edge of these woods is near to me. If not [...]