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Real-life, personal memoir stories.

Musical Traveler

By |History, Memoir, Reflections, Shared Stories

I’ve found some of the most fascinating music in the back rooms of pubs, on street corners and in people’s homes. Here are some of the places that I’ve had the best music experiences in.   Bangkok, Thailand I took a boat trip down the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, [...]

I More Than Survived, I Thrived! How an After-School Program Helped Change the Trajectory of My Life

By |All In, Empowerment and Triumph, Faith, Family, History, Making an Impact in the Community, Memoir, Reflections, Richmond, Shared Stories, Tragedy and Loss

… I was 14 years old.  It had been 10 long years of abuse from my untreated mentally ill mother and 6 long years of sexual abuse from my mother’s third husband. One morning as my mother physically and mentally abused me, a week after returning from the abortion clinic [...]

My Muddled Heritage

By |Family, History, Memoir, Shared Stories

I’m like that drab sort-a gray that occurs when two colors mix. I’m neither black nor white. I’m like this great flavor that’s been watered down with another ingredient so you’re not really sure exactly what the taste profile is.  For years, I’ve struggled to understand my identity.   My father [...]

The group

By |Life's a Trip, Memoir, Shared Stories

Written by Nothing “May I pose a question,” the group is shocked since this is the first time in 23 days since I joined the group that I’ve spoken.”Sure, go right ahead E,” says Brian, our counselor and mediator of the group. “Are you guys happy? I mean like generally [...]

Logical Reaction

By |Memoir, Reflections, Work In Progress

Second Chapter(Awkward Truth) So after leaving there I felt so many emotions running trough my mind, now you must understand that at this point I was in a very stable relationship for about three years so one could imagine what was rushing trough my mind. Off course I would have [...]