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WASH Equals

/WASH Equals

“Se va la agua!”

By |WASH Equals

I joined the Water Aid team while I was in college and now I help out with the communication efforts in Nicaragua and Colombia. WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) is not something people think about every day, but it is for the most part something people use every day. When [...]

Sugha Rani and Shamoli

By |WASH Equals

WaterAid stepped into Shamoli’s community and improved its tea gardens. The tea picker communities are typically the most marginalized group in Bangladesh due to its nomadic ancestry. As a result, tea plantation owners were responsible for their own healthcare and education — but they had very poor facilities. Prior to [...]

Daniel Paul

By |WASH Equals

For many years, the Kiomboi District Hospital had subpar hygiene and sanitation practices. This resulted in several infant deaths, water shortages and other biomedical issues. Fortunately, in 2015, WaterAid, in conjunction with SEMA (Sustainable Environment Management Action), improved the sanitation and hygiene at the hospital. Since then, patient traffic to [...]


By |WASH Equals

Gonzaga, 12, understands the water in close proximity to his village is very unsanitary — people and animals often defecate near the source. Gonzaga hopes to be a doctor one day and to solve sanitation issues like those rampant in his community. In the near future, there are pending sanitation [...]

Masibo Safinah

By |WASH Equals

Masibo Safinah, 52, is all smiles about the conveniently located water taps in her village. In the 1970s, she recalled having to walk two kilometers to get water at a local river. The task was daunting because she would have to carry the water on her head and pass through [...]

Ammika and Hem Bahadur

By |WASH Equals

The Udayapur district, which is situated on the hillside, has established it as one of Nepal’s poorest water and sanitation coverage regions. However, Ammika, 48, and Hem Bahadur, 52, recently benefited from a sanitation system that was put in place within their community. The water condition was once very poor. [...]

Evelina Mukoswe

By |WASH Equals

The Moompo Village’s water well was hand dug by its forefathers. However, since then, the well has yielded substandard water. “Drinking water from the well always causes serious stomach pains,” said village resident Evelina Mukoswe, 19. “Sometimes I fear for a miscarriage. Our prayers have always been to receive any [...]