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Work In Progress

/Work In Progress

A combination of personal narratives and fictional stories, as they’re being written.

The World Of Stella And Ryan

By |Family, Fiction, Love, Work In Progress

Synopsis: While other high school seniors are dreaming about their futures, Stella and Ryan are just trying to make it through each day. Ryan is overwhelmed by issues at home as he struggles to support his mother. Meanwhile, next door neighbor Stella is left to care for her three younger [...]

Miss my dog.

By |Work In Progress

Hello.I wanted for a long time to share my experience hoping that someone could understand how I feel and could give me some advice,or just make me feel like I'm not alone.. When I was almost 10 years old my parents brought home our little dog . She was a [...]

It’s Raining Beautilfuly on Mars Today

By |Work In Progress

Chapter 1 "All men destroy at all cost. Kill all at all cost. No man left alive at all cost!" The intercom seemed to come out of the wall as the System Operator blared out these commands. "Level Omega* threat, repeat Level Omega* threat. All men resort to Zexos X, [...]

Vampiric Angel (Need feedback)

By |Fiction, Work In Progress

In a world where Vampires and Angels exist, where monsters are under your bed, and in your closet, comes a story about all those things. Vampires and Angels are enemies, if in the same room they must battle to the death.   Since Angels and Vampires look alike, there's no [...]

Logical Reaction

By |Memoir, Reflections, Work In Progress

Second Chapter(Awkward Truth) So after leaving there I felt so many emotions running trough my mind, now you must understand that at this point I was in a very stable relationship for about three years so one could imagine what was rushing trough my mind. Off course I would have [...]