Share More Stories makes the writing process easier through collaboration

Sharing your story can be hard, especially if you’re not comfortable with the writing process. That’s where we come in. By sharing your story while you write it, even if it’s just an idea, you can get feedback and advice to help make it better. Ask for content suggestions and then decide what you want to use.

You can also offer to help make someone else’s story better. Look for stories in development and stories seeking feedback and offer to provide feedback and input when writers need it. Suggest resources, links and even content you think will improve the story. This is the way storytelling was meant to be.

A Few Words on Copyright Protection…

In the near future, we’ll be adding features that make it easy for creators and contributors to protect and share their original content (beyond the usual feedback and comment). We’ll help you choose how you want to share and receive content that might be used as part of a bigger story or project and we’ll also use industry-standard content licensing practices like Creative Commons 4.0 that keep things simple – and consistent. In the meantime, just be decent, fair and use common sense and conversation to collaborate.

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