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Go Out of Your Way for a Stranger

boom4realz August 17, 2016
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Hello, my name is Stranger. I am one of many people that helped to put on the Richmond Jazz Festival this year. I have been doing it for 4 years, so I know how hard it is for everyone to put on this huge show, especially in the extreme heat we had to cope with this year. I arrived at my station in Maymont park early Sunday morning and began my duties. About 10 minutes into our tasks me and my staff were interupted by a very sweaty, flustered and upset young man who worked for one of the on-site food vendors. He claimed that the maintenance workers at the park had thrown away his backpack thinking that it was trash. I felt terrible for him. I had a sense that things had not been going well for him, and this was just the icing on the cake. I was not sure if there was anything I could do, but I told him that I’d see what I could do. I was able to find out where the park dumpsters were located and went to take a look. The dumpsters were up so high that I had to get a volunteer to park his cart along side them so I could get a better look. I must have scanned through piles and piles of trash for over 10 minutes before I spotted a zipper in the corner of my eye. I walked out into the middle of this god-awful smelling trash pit and pulled out a black backpack. When I returned the bag to the restaurant, the owner of the backpack and the whole staff rejoiced. They were able to start their day on a good note and treated me to a great meal later on that day.

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  1. James Warren August 20, 2016

    Thanks for sharing!


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