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How can a Small Change Leave Lasting Impacts in the Community?

tmccreary November 01, 2016
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Beech Grove City Schools and Chartwells K12 desired to help the local community last spring when the Food Rescue Initiative was piloted. Within two months, the entire district rescued 5,595 food items for the local food pantry, Servant’s Heart. This has provided multiple opportunities for local families to have another healthy meal.


Do you know what was required to initiate this small change? Communication paired with willing souls. Yes, communication helped to spread the awareness of the environmental impact and community need, make relationships within the district, create a plan, and ultimately, act upon the strategy. As they say, “One person can change the world,” and student leaders encouraged by teachers have proven to be the catalyst for this initiative.


Beech Grove City Schools have five schools with Food Rescue lead teachers encouraging students about this initiative. The teachers organize how the students will track the food items and market the program to fellow students. One Food Rescue lead teacher stated, “The students enjoy having the responsibility in this role, and our student body like having other students in charge, versus an adult.” Students are doing a great job at promoting the Food Rescue Initiative.


Students are learning leadership skills, but also how to help those within their community. And how they have completed this task well! For this school year, the district has rescued 6,462 food items, which turns into 1,292 meals for local families. All of this impact within three months. It is amazing how a small change can make big impacts for families by providing meals and nutrition to go another day.



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  1. Wow, these changes are certainly making a positive impact! Thank you for sharing your insights into Beech Grove City Schools and their Food Rescue initiative.


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