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How i wish

breathingpen October 01, 2017
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I wish I’d been there earlier. It might have made all the difference. So all I can tell you is how he was murdered. Basu, Vikram Basu was an established documentary filmmaker. He had won two national awards in a career of 11 years. Though he was often approached to venture into commercial cinema he kept to making documentaries. He was fond of reality and information; dreams, emotions and grandeur was a bit complex for him. Basu was an introvert, his social circle comprised of his parents, myself and the colleagues of the film that was in making. He didn’t have many friends nor was he into any steady relationship. Few years back he had dated a girl but the relation lasted only for a few months. His life was films. I and his parents were his fall backs, I could be considered his cushion, friend and pseudo-spouse.
Around February 2015, over a cup of coffee Basu mentioned his desire to make a documentary on the tribal of Andaman Islands. The project sounded a bit difficult and ambitious as it was a remote and unexplored place. The Andamanese were the indigenous people of the island who resisted contact with the outside world known as the untouched community from the modern civilization. But as Basu was, he loved the difficult and unusual, whenever he took up a project, he treated it like a baby and gave his 100%. He said he would begin his research and preparations from March itself. After the meeting, we did not talk much about his work, I was informed about his research in gist. In the first week of April, Basu called me and informed me about his departure for the Islands in the coming week. He had come across a person named Tuli who could speak “Jarawa” (the language of the tribe) and was also familiar with the area and people. He would go by an army helicopter along with Tuli for a couple of weeks to first explore the place and form rapport with the inhabitants. If all worked well, later with a team for the shoot of the film. Before his departure I insisted on meeting him, as it was for the first time he would be away to such a remote place without much communication network and civilized inhabitants. I collected information regarding how he could be contacted and checked him medically and gave him his daily medications. During this meet something made me feel uneasy while bidding adieu to Basu, but I shrugged off the thought thinking it was just my irrational anxiety risen from my love towards him.

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  1. James Warren October 1, 2017

    Thanks for sharing!


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