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Just a random day being a dad.

Jeti.Kotleti January 05, 2021
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So, I’ve always pondered about why should anyone ever go to psychologists. Yes, i understood severe mental health issues, but it was always something not connected to me in any way. I literally laughed in my best mates face when he said something about my kids needing to see one. I mean that’s absurd! or is it?

I aroused with a killer headache, a visible souvenir  from last night. I opened one eye and cast an uncanny look around our bedroom which after five years of marriage still hasn’t come by to being done up yet. As I was slowly letting myself five seconds of blissful peace I suddenly became surrounded by jubilant cries of my to-some-extent-extremely-annoying kiddos, who had just came waltzing in the room, ready to give a meticulous account of their latest world-changing discovery. Noticing alarming thunderbolts igniting in my wife’s eyes, I heroically set out to alleviate the situation and reluctantly let myself being dragged out of the room. Having found myself alive and well at the bottom of the staircase in the next moment, I saw the kids pointing at my mothers old ceramic cookie box and then cracking up with shrieks of amusement. As a courageous man, if I may say so myself, I made the daring move of taking a glance at what was inside. And to my horror my eyes saw a mortified wormy like creature, cocooned in some sort of material, which to according to my humble opinion was toilet paper. It was making agonizing little squeaks. What was most alarming though was that my offspring seemed  to find it genuinely hilarious and soon followed suits by also attempting to wrap themselves up in toilet roll.

I don’t know, maybe it would’t be such a bad idea after all to fix up a date with a mental care psychologist…

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