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Hopes and Dreams

My Journey to find purpose

Flicka Cosmetics November 23, 2019
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Just like everybody else, “Marriage proved to be a new beginning of life.” Yes, that sounds too obvious, doesn’t it? After spending my time in the ceaseless life of Mumbai,  I had to begin a new life, when I decided to move to Chhattisgarh after marrying Mohit, who later inspired me to find something in me which I didn’t know would prove so rewarding to me.

I was enjoying the newfound leisurely life in Chhattisgarh. One fine day, I was strolling in the local market when some cosmetics that were being sold in small shops grabbed my attention as they weren’t well-known but were widely purchased by the women shopping there. On my way home, I was lost in thoughts as all my life I was taught and told that only good quality and tested products should come in contact with my skin, especially my face. I am myself an inquisitive makeup enthusiast; I started browsing about these duplicates of well-known makeup brands and even bought a few to try on. Even though I saw no immediate reaction on my skin, the search results about these products sent a chill down my spine with their disastrous outcomes on frequent usage. The continued application of such products could prove detrimental to women, especially lactating women. Baffled, I went to Mohit who had a family retail business of cosmetics. Post a brief discussion, we concluded that it is not the lack of affordability that is forcing women to use those products but it is a lack of knowledge and availability of good quality products in such cities.

I was moved by the unawareness of these guileless women and wanted to help. After some pondering, we decided “to provide quality and affordable makeup to women” and then there was no looking back. Our venture “Flicka” came to life. Even though initially we faced a lot of obstacles like every business, nothing could break our spirit. After struggling for a couple of years and fire fighting, we managed to become one of the highest-selling cosmetic brands in Chhattisgarh which means more and more women are now becoming aware.

Now, it has become my purpose of life to create awareness and provide healthy, vegan and cruelty-free products to women and secure their health and beauty forever!!!


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  1. Mee January 28, 2020

    Good job of spreading awareness and providing a solution!


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