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Create Unforgettable Experiences

James Warren June 22, 2024
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A Success Story

While today’s market research solutions provide lots of data, they often fail to tell business leaders what they really need to know. Because these tools don’t truly center the customer’s voice and experience, businesses miss opportunities to create significant value.

An iconic travel brand faced this challenge and turned to SEEQ. They developed rich, actionable insights into the needs and values of an underserved consumer segment, identified core experience drivers, and created an award-winning campaign that continues to exceed expectations, engage travelers more effectively, drive conversion and build loyalty through better experiences.

If you want to create incredible experiences for your employees and customers, you have to better understand them first. And that starts with listening.


Are You Truly Listening?

Do you want to:

Find the authentic signal of your customers in a noisy world?

Broaden your customer base to new market opportunities?

Strengthen your organizational culture?

Disrupt a traditional marketplace?

Elevate your product or service to the next level?

Then you need to start by getting to know the people that comprise your organization, market or community.



Imagine having one-on-one conversations with them, truly understanding their experiences and feelings.

Now remember what it felt like when you were that person, when you had so much to say, and you were able to tell someone what happened to you and how it made you feel, and you were rewarded with the comfort of knowing that they’re really listening to understand you, not just to respond.

SEEQ offers your employees, customers, and other stakeholders just that: the chance to be genuinely heard. And this enables you to understand and improve their experiences.

Why Listening Matters


The relationship between listening and improving people’s experiences is huge. SEEQ helps you create better customer and employee experiences by listening to their voices and understanding their stories.


Actionable EX and CX Insights Through SEEQ


SEEQ is revolutionizing research and insights by harnessing personal stories to reveal genuine emotions and needs. Unlike traditional tools, SEEQ combines AI with storytelling to deliver empathetic, actionable insights at scale, giving you the best of both worlds – qualitative and quantitative.

As leaders dedicated to fostering exceptional human experiences, understanding your customers and employees at a deeper level is paramount. With SEEQ, it’s not just about data; it’s about connecting with the heart and soul of the people you serve.

“SEEQ is a great tool when you really want to zero in and get more information than you get from a typical customer experience platform. It’s the ability to interpret and apply insights to the business that’s the secret sauce, and it all comes together in a beautiful symphony… Deep human insights you can’t get through typical studies.”

— Jason, Financial Services Insights Executive and SEEQ Customer

Join us on this journey to elevate your insights with SEEQ and transform your approach to EX and CX.



SEEQ’s Impact

You’ll be able to make better decisions that improve customer and employee experiences through more actionable EX and CX insights. SEEQ empowers your customers and employees to be heard, sharing what they want to say in a connected, trusted way.

How It Works

The SEEQ Platform guides participants through sharing their stories and uses machine learning to analyze and quantify their expressions, helping companies learn from their employees, customers, and community stakeholders.

“This was time really well spent. I feel like we finally heard what the employees have been saying. We’ve been able to validate what has often been ignored while quantifying our hunches.”

— Chief Strategy Officer and SEEQ Customer


More Customer Success Stories

Our customers are strengthening culture, increasing brand relevance, and creating better products and services by understanding and improving EX and CX with SEEQ:


A management consulting firm improved employee experience.


A venture capital firm identified new investment opportunities.


A patient access and engagement solutions company identified key experience drivers and improved their culture.


Tourism experts helped destinations and brands improve multicultural traveler engagement.



Book an appointment to discuss your needs with our team.


Explore More

Participate in a SEEQ project: Experience SEEQ just like your employees and customers would. Register here.

Self-Service Monthly Subscription: Perfect for startups, researchers, and corporate innovators looking for alternatives to traditional research tools. Learn more about setting up your own projects.

Read our blog on the power of voice and watch our video to see how it all comes together – from story collection to data analysis.

Discover our Future of Travel Report: Develop future-proof strategies to engage multicultural travelers. Purchase the report and learn how SEEQ helps travel and hospitality brands.

When you’re done exploring, let’s talk about how we can work together to help you improve experiences in your organization, through your brand, and with your products and services.Schedule a meeting today.


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