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This Is my Hell

GrungyGirl November 13, 2015
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Once there was a girl or a boy whatever floats your boat, but let’s just say this person’s name was Alex. Alex lived in a small town with their 4 older siblings along with their mother and father. Now Alex’s heart was pure as a child and they thought the world was absolutely good and everybody in it was good. Of courses your wondering well didn’t they get out and meet people and such, no they were homeschooled and there mother was I guess you could call her a good person but didn’t want Alex making friends with “trouble makers” which is how she thought all the kids in the town were like. Even her four older children who had friends in the town themselves. Alex was very kind to everyone even her mother who wanted her to be perfect even though Alex was everything but perfect. They were in fact sick all the time and was constantly getting told that they must fight it and be stronger than that. Alex tried oh so tried so hard but little did they see that not only was her body sick but it was her mind. They had terrifying nightmares that would cause them to wake and be sick. Nightmares so bad that her mind would make them forget what it was about as soon as they woke up and all Alex could remember was how terrifying those dreams were. They thought that they were cursed and not having any friends made them lonely it made them long to be normal. Again I bet you’re thinking what about Alex’s siblings they had them, not true they ignored them and didn’t want anything to do with them. Eventually though when Alex began to grow older a dark anger for their family began to grow. Alex blamed them for bringing them into this world and being so cruel to them. But Alex knew that in their eyes they weren’t being cruel, and what they could do Alex was far too small to do anything so they waited. As they grew they started to realize how much they missed out from their childhood threw the internet, and threw the internet Alex met the means to change them into something that they never imagined never dreamed they wanted to become. They met Sam rich handsome and a very kind gentlemen at the age of 12. Sam promised to take Alex places buy them things like clothe, music anything they desired as long as Alex accompanied him for a night. So the sun set and the moon rose and Alex used the screw driver they had stolen from the garage to sneak out there bedroom window. Alex hopped into Sam car and drove off to the city to go wherever he had to go that evening. Which was very few places car dealerships apartment hunting things like that. Eventually though it was getting early and Alex asked Sam to take them home. He said he had a something to grab at his house before he took them back. When they arrived at his place Sam opened the door for Alex made sure that they didn’t trip on a step or crack in the pavement and when they got in the house there in the kitchen corner was a mother cat and her six infant kittens. The worries Alex had in the car going to a stranger’s house been forgotten and that’s where they made the mistake to turn their back to him. He grabbed Alex and did something terrible to them over and over and over again. By the end of it all ever part of Alex that was still Alex was gone swept away by the pain and hatred and sadness. Sam drove them home and gave Alex a phone so that they would know when to come out again and gave them some money like he promised. Alex knew the money was so that they wouldn’t tell though. So terrified of that man that Alex went back and that terrible thing he did to them became the norm. Eventually though he stopped calling and texting, Alex was something that would have scared there younger self to tears. Once again Alex grew up there family fell to pieces and moved to that same city. That’s where Alex became their own worst nightmare. Drugs, sex fighting, money. They were doing it all, the only thing that they prided themselves for was how kind they still were to people. Even the people that did them wrong and betrayed them. I think you’re wondering what happened to Alex’s mother she eventually stopped caring after their mental state started slipping, she was too busy I think to find herself another husband. Alex was changed forever, tried to commit suicide multiple times and was always brought back to that cruel reality. Alex had witnessed things that very few people would ever witness. She met people who once again promised her things in exchange for her company or even freedom at one point, but they knew better than that they remained alone, and the once innocent so sweet and pure Alex buried deep within their soul wounded. Alex was and is alone from the moment they came out of the safety of their mother’s womb into what they now call Hell.

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  1. James Warren November 13, 2015

    Thank you so much for sharing this story. I hope Alex can realize that he/she is not alone. As tough as Alex’s life has been so far, there is always some level of hope, even if it’s really, really small. And just grasping onto that hope can change things. Keeping Alex in our thoughts. Again, thanks for sharing.


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