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Featured Stories – WASH Equals

“Se va la agua!”

By |Categories: WASH Equals

I joined the Water Aid team while I was in college and now I help out with the communication efforts in Nicaragua and Colombia. WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) is not something people think about [...]

Daniel Paul

By |Categories: WASH Equals

For many years, the Kiomboi District Hospital had subpar hygiene and sanitation practices. This resulted in several infant deaths, water shortages and other biomedical issues. Fortunately, in 2015, WaterAid, in conjunction with SEMA (Sustainable Environment [...]


By |Categories: WASH Equals

Gonzaga, 12, understands the water in close proximity to his village is very unsanitary — people and animals often defecate near the source. Gonzaga hopes to be a doctor one day and to solve sanitation [...]

Evelina Mukoswe

By |Categories: WASH Equals

The Moompo Village’s water well was hand dug by its forefathers. However, since then, the well has yielded substandard water. “Drinking water from the well always causes serious stomach pains,” said village resident Evelina Mukoswe, [...]


By |Categories: WASH Equals

In Kishwar’s homeland, menstruation is a taboo subject and is often not discussed. As a result, the majority of women in her community do not engage in adequate menstrual hygiene practices. However, since the WaterAid [...]


By |Categories: WASH Equals

Bina, 15, explains the difference a year makes. Since last year, her school’s toilet facility has drastically improved — there is now a changing room for girls and there is a pad distribution facility among [...]


By |Categories: WASH Equals

Ikram’s school was among the eight schools in the area selected for a WASH project. The project would provide students with more water sources, improved sanitation and hygiene facilities and resources and hygiene training. These [...]


By |Categories: WASH Equals

15-year-old Junu, who grew up in the same area as Bina, said she has also been inspired to engage in better practices after receiving menstrual hygiene training. Curator’s note: The following is an excerpt of [...]


By |Categories: WASH Equals

15-year-old Tsehay is a part of a unique menstrual hygiene and empowerment club called, “Girls’ Club”. The group was birthed at Degan Secondary and Preparatory School. In addition to talking about menstrual hygiene, the group [...]

The Nagarkotis

By |Categories: WASH Equals

The photo exhibits three generations of the Nagarkoti family. Each generation has experienced unique differences in regards to sanitation. Both Batuli, 72, and her son, Aanand, 45, endured harsh conditions — having to get up [...]

Nedhi Regassa

By |Categories: WASH Equals

Nedhi Regassa, 41, lives in an overpopulated African village with limited clean water supply. Originally, the water system in Babich Town, Ethiopia, where Regassa currently resides, was designed to serve 5,000 people over a 15-year [...]

Gloria Mkukawa

By |Categories: WASH Equals

Gloria Mkukawa, 43, has worked for the Ntosa Health Centre for a remarkable 23 years. However, the center’s conditions are not so remarkable. In its 30 years of operation, the hospital has experienced staff shortages, [...]


By |Categories: WASH Equals

Brenda, 13, is an eighth grader at Kangemi Primary School in Kenya. Brenda is a member of the school’s health club, which students learn about water, sanitation and personal hygiene. The club also raises awareness [...]

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