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We’re Looking For Your Stories

James Warren November 09, 2014
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We’re looking for stories.

We’ve heard people want to know more about what kind of stories we’re interested in. The short answer is: yours.

That’s right. We want your short stories, long fiction, personal stories, historical narratives, family memoirs or personal accounts of events that others might have experienced as well.

We think everyone has a story to share, and since this alpha site is all about learning, we figured we’d let you help us figure out what kind of stories belong here, by sharing the ones you want.

If you’re unsure if the content of your story is okay, just take a look at our guidelines. Other than that, just start sharing, and see what happens.

As inspiration, I shared my personal story today. Hopefully it tells you a little more about me and explains why I’m so passionate about people sharing stories socially.

Happy Story Sharing,

Founder & CEO

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