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With increasing number of COVID-19 cases, NGOs and volunteers step forward to help the vulnerable

sareenaroy July 24, 2020
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The number of coronavirus cases in the national capital has been skyrocketing day by day – at almost twice the national growth rate, inducing heightened fear and anxiety among the city dwellers. In response, Delhi government has initiated to rope in NGOs and individuals for Covid-19 related works such as survey of suspected cases, surveillance and management of isolation cases, assistance to senior citizens, etc. So far, almost 12,000 people have stepped in to work as civil defence volunteers to bolster the government’s initiative to expand the bed capacity at hospitals, guard the facilities at public places, facilitate seamless transfer of patients to and fro hospitals and so on.

By joining hands with the Indian Railways and other government bodies, a group of lawyers in Delhi has launched an initiative called ‘Serving the Shramiks’ to send labourers home on special trains and provide them food items and water. Initiatives like these are immensely laudable however, considering the population of the national capital, reaching out to every covid-19 hit victim is highly unlikely. Therefore, where the government and its affiliates are unable to extend their help, the NGOs step forward to fill the spot.

An NGO for the elderly people in Delhi – VridhCare has been catering to the most vulnerable citizens. With the elderly being more prone to coronavirus, it has been making every effort to ensure their safety and wellbeing. VridhCare recently ran a sanitisation drive in and around Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram to safeguard the health of senior citizens residing there. It has also been donating grocery items, ensuring medical supplies and daily essentials to several old age homes. However, taking the initiative to combat coronavirus up a notch is Yug Sanskriti Nyas. With most NGOs focusing on supplying food and clothes to the needy in testing times like today, this Delhi-based NGO has been helping children who have been missing out on their studies due to the lockdown. It has been donating study materials and stationary items to such underprivileged children and is planning to send volunteers around the slum areas.

Since it is the vulnerable, needy and poor who have been bearing the brunt of covid-19, the unparalleled contributions by such NGOs are highly commendable. Moreover, with the pandemic hitting a severe blow on the financial health of private organisations, many charity homes have also been inevitably affected with regards to fund and food supply, which is why such donations from NGOs who are better equipped have come as a major relief.

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  1. Fiona Manonn June 8, 2021

    Seeing the very organisations like NGOs actually makes me realise that I must also come forward and should also participate in this very effort of making my very society as a much more better place. Thanks giving to all the very NGOs which are actually working in this very direction.

  2. Saptashati Foundation is a women’s rights nonprofit organization which is a platform to empower widows, handicapped people, disabled people, senior citizens and women of the nation.


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