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The Future of Travel 2023

Future of Travel (FOT23) is a groundbreaking, technology-enabled insights project examining the evolving travel and tourism industry through an inclusive and equitable lens. It’s designed to gain a coast-to-coast understanding of the values, needs, and attitudes of today’s diverse, multi-cultural and underrepresented travelers.

The project explores the perceptions, emotions, and personality traits of a broad and diverse group of travel consumers, uncovering important experience drivers that will influence our industry’s direction. Using the new SEEQ App from Share More Stories, an estimated 1,000 - 1,500 study participants, over three phases, will share their personal travel stories and experiences.

These unique perspectives are then analyzed through a proprietary process that melds the power of machine learning with the power of human storytelling to deliver a never-before-seen depth and breadth of information. Study insights will provide data-driven support for partners as they imagine future strategy, messaging and experiences, and will inform richer travel opportunities for consumers who value inclusive and multicultural connections.

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As an FOT23 sponsor, you’ll gain ground-floor access to experiences, insights, and ideas that will help your organization better prepare for the demands of emerging consumers and communities and take advantage of the growth opportunities in the evolving travel industry. By sharing the costs with other partners you get access to this invaluable and actionable information without breaking your budget.

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We review all applicants to the FOT23 study to ensure a broad and diverse pool of participants. As an approved participant, you’ll share your travel preferences and stories using the new SEEQ App from Share More Stories. The study is designed to deliver more satisfying experiences on future trips for thousands of people like you. Because we value your time, you’ll be compensated if selected as an FOT23 Participant.

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Future of Travel Insights Report – First Edition

The first edition of the Future of Travel Insights Report is now available! Discover a visionary guide that unveils the essential opportunities poised to revolutionize the travel industry. The mainstream audience is evolving, becoming more diverse, inclusive and intersectional than ever before. Our study uncovers the most important emotional and experience drivers for underrepresented, multicultural travelers, providing a more comprehensive and inclusive and intersectional understanding of travel consumer mindsets.

With your purchase, you will receive an Executive summary that includes the top four takeaways from the study, what that means for the industry, and what destinations and brands can do today to begin applying these learnings to their organization. And, an In-depth companion deck that includes charts, data and tools you can use to start creating your own future-proof strategies

This study answers the question…

How can I future-proof my destination’s strategy, messaging and experiences, and create richer travel opportunities for travelers who value inclusive and multicultural connections?

In this exclusive report, industry leaders are provided with data-driven support for strategic brand marketing, sales and operations decisions, positioning them to be better prepared for the demands of emerging consumers and communities.

These insights will ultimately help the industry deliver richer, more satisfying experiences for travelers who value inclusive and multicultural connections and increase belonging.


Future of Travel Webinar

Join us on January 24, 2024, for the Future of Travel Webinar—an innovative exploration into the evolving travel industry through an inclusive and equitable lens. Dive into groundbreaking insights, uncover the diverse perspectives of underrepresented travelers, and discover how you can start developing future proof strategies for your organization.

Panelists will include industry leaders such as Rita McClenny, President & CEO of Virginia Tourism Corporation, Tom Loftus, Vice President of Marketing for Richmond Region Tourism, and Melissa Cherry, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Miles Partnership. Don't miss this opportunity to gain data-driven support for your future strategies and contribute to a more inclusive and multicultural travel landscape. Register now for a journey into the future of travel!


About FOT23

For the first time, a travel research platform will be predicated on the sufficient participation of inclusive, equitable, and diverse human perspectives at the forefront of its approach. Through our commitment to a truly inclusive and equitable lens reflective of consumer mindsets and community inclusion, the project will contribute to an evolved industry that’s better prepared for the demands of emerging consumers and communities.

The Future of Travel 2023 is brought to you by a partnership of travel research firms and strategic thinkers, including The Culturist Group, Esra Calvert Destination Consulting, JMI, and Share More Stories – all voices in travel and tourism who believe the future of travel is inclusive and deeply related to human and multicultural connections.