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The success of your new product depends on really getting to know your customer

If you are a product owner, founder, innovator, marketer or entrepreneur, you probably already know the importance of testing your hypotheses and validating assumptions. Without the right tools, that process can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating -- leaving you with lots of information but little in the way of actionable insights. Without the right insights, how are you going to identify and address large unmet needs in order to drive new brands, products and business growth?

Your iterative brand and product development process needs an insights and learning tool that can keep up.

You need to connect and learn with your customer community

To gain truly actionable insights, you need to know what makes your customers tick.

Discover what they want and need, how they feel about your product, and what frustrates them the most by listening to their stories and their experiences.

And do all of this quickly, in an iterative, scalable, and affordable way.

Through SEEQ App


Whether they are prospective, early stage, or loyal customers...

Everyone has a story.

"This is a new world, faster research turnaround is needed. We don't need these humongous reports that feel dated."
Nechari Riley, Team Lead + Qualitative/Quant Researcher


The AI-Powered, Story-Based Human Experience Insights Platform

Understand what your customers, users, and employees really care about. SEEQ App is the research tool for everyone, empowering you to understand what your customers really care about. Hear from your early stage customers, learn from their stories about their lives and experiences with your product.

A great tool when you "really want to zero in and get more information than you get from a typical customer experience platform"

Jason, Financial Services Insights Executive

Enhance Early Stage Customer Engagement and Understanding
Optimize Product Branding, Campaigns, and Marketing
Drive and Promote Social Impact and Purpose

What Is


Trusted, Transparent and Reliable

SEEQ App helps innovative product owners, founders, product managers, venture capitalists and more develop better insights, strategies and ideas on how to improve consumer experiences.


Listen to Your Customers

A global consumer packaged goods company identified the key emotional drivers of consumer adoption for their new product, and successfully shifted their go-to- market approach.

How It works

With SEEQ App companies can conduct research projects of any size and get the insights they need to succeed in today's competitive market.

SEEQ App Features

Projects focused on your business or research needs:

  • Manage your own project from design to development and delivery
  • Get story-based analytics and insights
  • Take advantage of Iterative learning with continuous or multiple projects
  • And additional help when you need it

SEEQ App Results

Actionable insights to build a better brand, product or service:

  • Improve your value proposition
  • Inform development and launch of new products
  • Develop better understanding of your customers and employees
  • Develop more authentic and resonant messaging

"It's not just the accelerated timeline, but being able to run projects concurrently as well"

Nechari, Team Lead + Qualitative/ Quant Researcher

Identify Your Opportunity Spaces

A venture capital firm teamed up with Share More Stories to gain insight into women's experiences with wellness during midlife.

The findings of this project brought new insight into potential opportunity spaces for this firm and their portfolio companies.

Get the Full Story

Utilizing Innovative Real-Time Analytics

"The ability to interpret and apply insights to the business, it’s the secret sauce, and it all comes together in a beautiful symphony... Deep human insights you can't get through typical studies."

Jason, Financial Services Insights Executive

Learning Goals




Study Size

Story Prompt

Survey Questions

Learning with SEEQ App is quick and easy!

KickStart project templates help you get started right away with proven project designs that meet your needs.

With a few tweaks you ’ll be ready to start in no time.

Get Stories and Data in as Little as ~3 Weeks From Start

Tier 1 Self-Service $500/month
  • Ability to run multiple projects
  • Real-time analytics and reports
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • 40+ emotional/attitudinal dimensions to score across
Self Service Benefits:
  • Self-paced research projects
  • Easy to start project templates
  • Ongoing, iterative discovery and learning
  • Real-time analytics and insights

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Let us show you how Virtual Project Assistance can give you the support you need with project management, recruitment, analysis and reporting.

"Their insights and ideas are truly actionable. If you want a deeper perspective regarding your key audiences, their approach is by far a valuable platform to invest in."

Communications Executive