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I Am Uncorked

Listen for the pop of the cork. I was talking with a group of friends, recently. Three of us are Black, two are White. We can rap about almost anything. We’re all engaged in our local community, and all of us are currently or recently engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits. In talking about the events of […]

It’s Time to Think Differently About Equity

Your story audio (Required): As a Black man, I’ve lived in a white world my whole life – from prep school in New York, to the Ivy league, to presenting in the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. In some respects, this certainly gave me access and privilege that other African Americans didn’t have. And in […]

It’s only hair

Your story audio (Required): My first grey hair appeared in 1982, when I was 20 years old. It was my boyfriend Sean’s fault. I thought I loved him; he was tall, blonde, wore a scuffed-up leather jacket and had a motorbike. We both worked for an A-V production house in Birmingham and had made plans […]

From Our Collections

The Police Badge

Your story audio (Required): Last week, I removed a Fraternal Order of Police badge that was on the back of my car. The badge came with the car when my brother-in-law sold it to me—he had worked for a period of time with his community department. He encouraged me to keep it because it could […]

Do You Inspire or Conspire?

Your story audio (Required): Many years ago, not long after the birth of our beautiful firstborn, one of my husband’s co-workers came to visit us in our home, which at the time was also brand new. As she sat across from me, admiring the cooing baby girl in my arms that had just expanded our […]

Her Gift

This story was submitted by Jen Pike to The Best Gift Ever collection as part of the December SEEQ sessions. I am such a lucky lady. I have been given such wonderful gifts over my life. So many, it’s impossible to inventory all of them. I’m pretty sure I’ve been given some crazy gift of […]