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Tuskegee Airmen

I’ve decided to talk about things as they occur to me, rather than subject you to a chronological slide show like our parents’ friends used to bore us with (“… and here’s another shot of Esther and me wearing leis at the Luau on Wakiki …. “) SO … a few words on the Tuskegee […]


We drove west on Alabama state and county roads – blue highways – from Montgomery to Selma:  beautiful farmland, flowering trees in spring bloom, small towns, and, unlike the winter-bitten roads in the North, smooth surfaces all the way.   I drove.  Anita bonded with her cell phone’s Google Maps navigation system, an entity I call […]

With increasing number of COVID-19 cases, NGOs and volunteers step forward to help the vulnerable

The number of coronavirus cases in the national capital has been skyrocketing day by day – at almost twice the national growth rate, inducing heightened fear and anxiety among the city dwellers. In response, Delhi government has initiated to rope in NGOs and individuals for Covid-19 related works such as survey of suspected cases, surveillance […]

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Our Heroes Are Closer Than We Think

“What time even is it right now?” I thought to myself as I spent another Sunday evening cramming away at building another lesson for my 9th-grade students that would inevitably blow up into fragments of learning and chunks of redirecting. My phone rang. On the caller ID was my father. It was November of my […]

The Police Badge

Last week, I removed a Fraternal Order of Police badge that was on the back of my car. The badge came with the car when my brother-in-law sold it to me—he had worked for a period of time with his community department. He encouraged me to keep it because it could help me gain favorable […]

It’s Time to Think Differently About Equity

As a Black man, I’ve lived in a white world my whole life – from prep school in New York, to the Ivy league, to presenting in the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. In some respects, this certainly gave me access and privilege that other African Americans didn’t have. And in other respects, it gave […]