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Things Fell Apart and Here We Are

I’ve been very anxious the past week or so, and at first I couldn’t really put my finger on why. I’m sure part of it was dealing with the estate administration process over the past few months. After the initial shock of Maya’s death subsided, it was time to focus on practical matters, like taking […]

Share More Stories Expands Its SEEQ Platform With New SEEQ App

This year marks a pivotal moment for Share More Stories (SMS) as we intend to unveil the newest addition to our offerings to enhance human connection through the use of storytelling and data analytics. That development is our new SEEQ App, as part of the SEEQ platform that enables users to leverage the power of […]

The Story Takes Time

Personal story sharing, like many things, gets better with time, and I’m no exception to the rule. More specifically, I think it gets better with time when the time is used to practice. I believe this because the way I share stories today is quite different from what it eight years ago, when I started […]

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We’re Getting Closer…

The public launch for the new SEEQ App is almost here! So excited at how much the Share More Stories team has accomplished just since the start of the year. We have made tremendous product progress, and we’ve launched several customer projects in the new SEEQ App! Pivots are hard but necessary, and after years of running […]

FOT23, Our Future-Forward Insights Project, Is Ready to Launch!

June 2, 2023 update: Future of Travel 2023 is now recruiting participants and collecting stories! If you’re interested in participating, please answer a few questions here. Selected participants will receive $65 for their story submissions. As many of us gear up to travel to reunite with family and friends for end of year holiday celebrations, […]

Sojourn, America: An Introduction

“Are we just waiting for everyone on the other side to die, so we can declare victory?”  This might be the question we ask ourselves as we observe our behavior and the behavior of others in the midst of ideological conflict, social change, political disagreement, and more fluid racial and cultural identities and  lived experiences. […]