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Creating better experiences, one story at a time.

What people are saying

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Envera Health

EVP Growth

“They bring experience from the organizations they’ve worked with and we appreciate having the ability to apply that insight as we work together to address the problems we are trying to solve in healthcare.”


Leadership Metro Richmond

Director of Communications and Programs

“Storytelling is such a wonderful tool for reflection and growth. An opening retreat session with Share More Stories makes for a strong introduction into our flagship program as our new Quest classes share their own experiences and perspectives with one another, while beginning their journey to create a collective narrative.”


Share More Stories

Content Creator, Startup consultant and Ambassador

“The experience of sharing my stories on SMS gave me a sense of community and purpose, and inspired me to help others recognize the power their voices carry.”


Global Communication

Branding and Culture Executive

“Exploring our stories together helped me understand at a much deeper level how my experiences inform my perspectives – and how they connect me to other people.”


Dominion Energy


“Their insights and ideas are truly actionable and helped us improve our public engagement efforts on electric transmission projects. If you want a deeper perspective regarding your key audiences, their approach is by far a valuable platform to invest in.”


2019 Commemoration

Former Deputy Director and Marketing Communications

“So many personal stories often go untold, but they’re an important part of telling a more complete narrative of our nation’s history – and learning from our experiences.”