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In a time when consumers are making more and more of their brand decisions based on the values that those brands express, how do you make your corporate responsibility initiatives rich, engaging, authentic and meaningful in the marketplace? That was the challenge that Compass Group faced. They hired Share More Stories to build a solution that would bring together clients, consumers and partners in a community based on the shared value of eliminating food waste in the United States.

How do you get the insights you need to drive innovation and more deeply engage with your clients? That was the problem Envera Health was facing. They hired Share More Stories to help them develop a solution, grounded in the human truths of healthcare and the authentic connections that come from bringing together their shared-values community.

How do you address frustrated consumers who believe you don’t care about them, and are therefore motivated to vote against you? That is the problem Dominion Energy faced in Virginia. They hired Share More Stories to help them more deeply understand the needs and values of their consumers, so they would have a foundation upon which to build solutions.

How do you tell the story of the 400-year commemoration of historical events in 1619 Jamestown, while also connecting and engaging critical, diverse partners to ensure a more complete story is told? That is the problem American Evolution faced. They hired Share More Stories to help them build a platform and engagement strategy to help connect them to the stories across Virginia, and the country.

Fortune 200 Company

Most companies understand today that a critical component to their ability to be competitive the marketplace is to have a corporate culture that is diverse and inclusive. But how does a company get beyond wanting a culture that is more diverse and inclusive to actually activating it? That was the challenge that a Fortune 200 company faced when they hired Share More Stories to see if we could help develop a solution.

How do you find the understanding needed to increase your relevance to important consumer segments? That is the problem Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) was looking to solve. VTC knew that there was an opportunity to attract more African American travelers from outside of the state to Virginia. They knew a lot about these travelers, including that Virginia has many attractions and places that are both unique and relevant.