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How It Works

We deliver our services on a monthly basis, either through a defined project scope, or an ongoing engagement. Our services are flexible, fitting a range of customer needs and engagement durations. They are also scalable, enabling us to work with customers of different sizes — and with different budgets.


SEEQ App enables people to share their personal stories about brands, products, and organizations in a safe, trusted, and scalable way. Learn more about SEEQ App here. By providing a platform for real-time sharing, companies receive authentic and valuable feedback on a large scale, while participants have the opportunity to share their experiences and make a difference. With SEEQ App, companies gain a deeper understanding of their employees’ and customers’ needs, preferences and behaviors, by guiding participants through sharing their stories, and using machine learning to analyze those stories and quantify what they express. The personal stories shared by participants provide a more comprehensive and nuanced view of their experiences, which can be used to make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.


We develop actionable ideas based on the insights we’ve uncovered, and we facilitate strategic planning sessions with your leadership team and key internal stakeholders. This experience establishes a shared Vision of Transformation, a Roadmap and Strategic Plan for organizational and/or brand growth. We continue to test these ideas and learn about their potential impact over time, refining the Roadmap and Strategy as we go. We develop and maintain the executional framework to ensure ongoing alignment and accountability. Our approach helps you make the vision (aspiration) a reality, but does so in a way that feels relevant and makes sense for your company, your organization and your brand (authenticity).


Changing your culture or making your brand relevant takes intention, discipline and effectiveness. Navigating to the Future You requires a steady hand on the rudder that can steer you around the internal and external pitfalls that so often short-circuit organizational and brand transformation initiatives. Our unique, multi-disciplinary approach blends human engagement and technology platforms to guide the implementation of your Innovation Roadmap over time. We engage your team at all levels: executive leadership, functional and initiative ownership, and those responsible for cross-functional execution. We’ll design, create and help you deliver the employee or customer experiences you need to achieve the kind of organizational culture and brand relevance you need to grow.

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