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The Challenge

How do you address frustrated consumers who believe you don’t care about them, and are therefore motivated to vote against you? That is the problem Dominion Energy faced in Virginia. They hired Share More Stories to help them more deeply understand the needs and values of their consumers, so they would have a foundation upon which to build solutions.

The Solution

We used our storytelling workshops to help consumers share their energy experiences. The story sharing was deep, emotional and authentic. The experience, itself, was quite positive for both the consumers and the Dominion Energy business leaders that were involved. Through sharing their stories, they were able to see that Dominion Energy was listening. Consumers were also able to articulate the deeper meaning of energy, and what energy projects mean in their everyday lives. They were able to share with Dominion Energy that, although they didn’t have a choice in energy providers, they still wanted to be heard and valued by the company.

Those stories provided great insight into the impact of energy in the lives of consumers in regulated energy markets. Using IBM Watson’s AI Analytics tools, combined with the diverse experience and perspectives of the Share More Stories team, we were able to identify some anchoring “truths” of energy consumers.

Those insights were eye opening for Dominion Energy, and they quickly put them to use. Within just a few months, the company had re-envisioned its approach to infrastructure projects. Now, early in the process of working projects through local and state government and regulators, Dominion Energy arranges listening sessions within the community. They orient around the shared values of wanting to balance the need for energy with the impact of new infrastructure. This helps Dominion adjust its approach based on the unique needs of the communities that will be impacted by their initiatives.

Insights. Ideas. Experience. Dominion Energy now has an enhanced solution for consumer engagement.

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