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Our Story

We are a team of seekers. Of dreamers. Of believers. Of game-changers. Yeah.

We believe that good is profitable – and critical to company growth in the future. We are creating tools that help companies put humanity back in their businesses, by guiding them to develop more mutually beneficial relationships with people. These relationships are developed through genuine connections with customers, employees and society, through and across values-based communities.

Founded in 2014, Share More Stories was born out of a belief that everyone’s stories matter. Stories are human; they connect us; they help us understand ourselves and the world around us. As we grew, we realized that there were evolving ways to learn from stories to uncover insights into human experiences. If we could help companies and organizations better understand people, we figure we can help them be better and do better. This led to the introduction of the SEEQ Platform in 2018. 

Today, we are deeply focused on human expression as the key to understanding and improving human experience (HX) and experience management (XM). Our “human + digital” ethos remains strong, and guides our development and application of AI technology into our products and services. 

Our Process


Stories to Engage, Explore and Question

SEEQ App is an agile research software platform that enables real-time sharing and learning between companies, employees and consumers in a trusted, scalable and affordable way.


Solutions and Learnings, Validated

SOLV is a co-creation consulting experience that results in actionable ideas and clearly defined strategy.


Collaborative, Results-Driven Execution

CRE8 is a guided implementation experience that results in culture growth and brand relevance.

Our Team

We have probably been where you are. Some of us have been active storytellers for a long time. Some of us have had to get comfortable and courageous about sharing personal narratives. If you work for a big company and are trying to solve for what’s next, we have done a lot of that. If you work at an agency and are trying to help brands connect more effectively with customers, we have done that. We have a very interesting team of professionals with a wide variety of experiences and expertise. That, combined with interesting applications of digital tools is our magic sauce.


James Warren

Founder and CEO

Andy Sitison

Chief Technology Officer

Claire Weidhaas

Operations and Project Manager

Kevin Leaven

Communications Strategist

Scott Fryxell

Lead Developer

April Palmer

Consultant | Growth Strategy

Whitney White

Account Director, JMI | Customer Success Strategy

Brelan Hillman

Senior Project Manager, JMI | Marketing Strategy


Image from sharemorestories.com

Kenneth Johnson

President and CEO, JMI

Image from sharemorestories.com

Andre Dean

Senior Vice President, JMI

Image from sharemorestories.com

David Newberger

CEO, Prairie Marketing

Paula Puryear

Advisor, Storytelling | Screenwriter/TV Writer

Image from sharemorestories.com

Amee Mungo

Chief Strategy Officer, Terazo

Image from sharemorestories.com

Jen Pike

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Boldt Runners Corp

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