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Let’s Talk About Voice

James Warren April 13, 2024
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Nothing fills my cup more than hearing from participants about how much SEEQ enabled them to feel heard. When I ask them to explain why that matters, the answer often centers on the desire to be recognized and understood. To be noticed. To be counted.

Today, I’m reflecting more deeply on that, the power of voice. More specifically, what people have to say – and what they don’t – about their experiences and how those experiences make them feel.

I want to share this reflection with you, because this is such a huge part of our ‘Why’ at Share More Stories.

Imagine having one-on-one conversations with the people in your community who have so much to say, but often seem so hard to reach. Remember what it feels like when you were that person, when you had so much to say, and you were able to tell someone what happened to you and how it made you feel, and you were rewarded with the comfort of knowing that they’re really listening to understand you, not just to respond. Now imagine a platform that goes beyond listening to generate this kind of profound understanding at scale and enable meaningful responses to the nuanced expressions of your customers and employees.

You’re envisioning SEEQ—a platform that’s already transforming the human aspects of business, from employee to customer to stakeholder experiences.

One of our customers is currently experiencing this transformation. They’re using SEEQ to elevate their employee experience (EX) as a crucial step toward enhancing customer experience (CX). Their goal? To foster a mission-driven culture where every employee feels heard, valued, and understood—knowing well that a positive internal culture directly influences customer interactions and satisfaction.

SEEQ enables them to receive and analyze authentic, personal stories from employees, providing deep insights into the culture and pinpointing both strengths and areas needing attention. By addressing these insights, the company is fostering closer alignment to its mission and significantly improving CX – highlighting the importance of a human-centric approach where employee well-being is integral to business success.

With SEEQ, people write deeply personal stories about their experiences with company cultures, brands and products, and societal issues—stories that unveil much more than any focus group or survey ever could. These stories are not just heard; they’re deeply understood. This shared learning fosters stronger connections and leads to the Collective Wisdom we often talk about.

“Hmmm. Collective Wisdom. What’s that all about?” you say.

We are in a time when the voices of employees and customers are pivotal in decision-making, yet in today’s barrage of information, meaningful experiences can be obscured, and the emotional connections that truly engage your audience can be lost. SEEQ cuts through the noise to unearth the core of experiences that resonate. We know that for a generation of leaders who’ve been trained to act decisively, to focus on their intelligence, their own experiences and their own instincts, listening—genuine, comprehensive listening—might seem overwhelming, but it’s vital. SEEQ is crafted to support this kind of listening, transforming it into actionable insights that refine your brand and operations.

Integrating AI with story-based insights, SEEQ explores the ‘why’ behind every interaction. Our method combines qualitative and quantitative research, ensuring that decisions are steered by authentic, sensory feedback and boosting inclusivity at every level.

Our partners view SEEQ not just as a tool, but as a collaborator in building a purpose-driven culture that makes a lasting impact both internally and in the marketplace. Whether it’s tackling imposter syndrome among your team or tailoring services to underserved markets, SEEQ delivers the insights necessary for informed, empathetic decisions. The reflective story sharing experience in SEEQ is at the core of this insight.

SEEQ is where every story matters, every voice is important, and every insight catalyzes significant change. This world-changing vision for business redefines how we connect and engage as brands and businesses.

If you’re ready for your company to be part of this transformative journey, let’s talk.

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