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For Storytellers

“There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” — MAYA ANGELOU


You have a story worth sharing. We are here to encourage you to share it.


We are excited that you are exploring our story sharing platform. Many people initially feel that perhaps they won’t be good at writing a story, or that they don’t have anything interesting to share. We promise you that you can and you do.


We have helped thousands of people share their stories and many of them expressed the same concerns you may have. After giving it a try, they all realized they had a story to share. Through the writing and sharing of their stories they walked away with a better understanding of themselves and one another. This is a practice that helps bring us closer: to ourselves, one another and our broader communities. Think of this as a chance to listen to others and then unlock your own story. It is worth the plunge. You can do it and we know you can teach us a lot.


So what do we do with your stories?


We only publish what you are comfortable with our publishing on this site. If you have more questions about privacy, you can read our privacy policy here. Regardless of what you feel comfortable publishing, we would love for you to share your story with us. We will use a combination of our proprietary Human + Digital tools to dive into what real human beings want, need and value. We are looking for what connects us. We are searching for deeper human truths.


Why do we care about a deeper understanding of people?


These are such interesting times in which we live. There is a lot that is changing and a lot that is challenging. It seems that everyday there is a new issue or topic that is complicated, or at the very least, approached from what seems to be very different points of view. The current tools that we have aren’t helping us navigate any of this. The technology platforms that were supposed to connect us, have entrenched us. The data that was supposed to yield understanding and insight is actually modeling and artificially manipulating us. We also believe that many companies want to do better by their employees, consumers and communities; they just don’t have the deeper insights they need to do better.


Share More Stories is passionate about humans understanding humans more deeply so we can help brands and organizations be better for employees, consumers and society. We seek to genuinely help people connect, and develop a deeper understanding of many of the topics that are growing in relevance.