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Pioneering “Future of Travel” Multicultural Research Released

James Warren December 20, 2023
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[RICHMOND, VIRGINIA] – In an era of unprecedented change and transformation in travel, the first edition of “Future of Travel” (FOT), the groundbreaking multicultural consumer insights report, is now available. Aimed at reshaping how travel and tourism brands and organizations perceive, understand, and connect with the growing U.S. multicultural traveler segment, the study reveals key insights, including: 86% of multicultural travelers share similar emotional needs, values and drivers; and nearly 80% of diverse travelers ‘always’ or ‘occasionally’ factor in their own identity, culture, or background when looking for trip inspiration. The report is now available for purchase at www.sharemorestories.com/fot23

Multicultural travelers are well represented in FOT, a key differentiator of the study – with Black (38%), LGBTQ+ (27%), White (22%), Hispanic (20%), and Asian (16%), among some of the highest participation rates, which was by design to represent voices typically underrepresented in consumer travel research.

Rita McClenny, President and CEO at Virginia Tourism Corporation, commented on the significance of the “Future of Travel,” stating, “This research project is a game-changer, providing an in-depth look at the future of travel through the lens of inclusivity, diversity, and human connections. We believe this project will redefine the travel industry, preparing it for the demands of emerging consumers and communities.”

FOT is made possible by the support of Virginia Tourism Corporation, Richmond Region Tourism (Virginia), and Miles Partnership. The “Future of Travel ” represents an ongoing collaboration powered by a collective of diverse, minority-owned research and marketing companies: The Culturist Group, Esra Calvert Destination Consulting, JMI, and Share More Stories. The collective seeks to build belonging into the future of travel narrative, by promoting continued research of multicultural travelers, offering leadership on inclusivity, multicultural connections, and human insights needed to advance the industry.

FOT is powered by Share More Stories’ (SMS) SEEQ Platform and its innovative SEEQ App which utilizes the power of machine learning (AI) with the power of human storytelling to reveal key qualitative insights for both common and nuanced pathways along emotional indices. 

The study maintains a range of considerations to arrive at an inclusive design:

  1. Inclusive and Diverse by Design: For the first time, a travel research platform prioritizes the participation of inclusive, equitable, and diverse human perspectives. The project adopts an inclusive and equitable lens, reflecting consumer mindsets and community inclusion, offering strategic insights for decision-makers in the travel industry to reimagine the travel industry and ensure resiliency and growth.
  2. Multicultural Traveler Insights: The report identifies the forces of influence for travel, including the importance of trust generated by recommendations of friends and family, and punctuates the role that culturally authentic experiences play in reinforcing positive emotions in travel while illuminating more challenging feelings for some groups. 
  3. Consumer-Centric Approach: FOT showcases how deepening connections and trust can lead to a sense of belonging as an intentional outcome. It outlines a roadmap for meeting travelers’ expectations and generating, communicating, and stewarding trust.
  4. Millennial and Gen Z Perspective: Over 65% of respondents are classified as Millennials and Gen Z, highlighting the importance of understanding the preferences and needs of these influential demographics. 
  5. LGBTQ+ Representation: The report reveals that 27% of all respondents identify as LGBTQ+, with multicultural representation accounting for 57% of this sentiment, providing deeper insights into the confluence of considerations present with marginalized consumer segments. 
  6. Female Participation: Over 50% of respondents identify as Female, making their insights and perspectives a critical component of the research findings.

“Future of Travel” is now available for purchase at sharemorestories.com/fot23. Media and travel, tourism and hospitality brands are invited to register here for a complimentary launch presentation and webinar scheduled for January 24, 2024 at 2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific.

About the “Future of Travel”

We are a collaborative tech-enabled thought leadership and human insights initiative designed to provide forward-thinking visionaries and industry leaders with invaluable data and perspectives on the emotional state and needs of travelers. 

For media inquiries, media copies, or further information about “Future of Travel,” please contact Frances Burruss at fburruss@johnsonmarketing.com  or (804) 625-3457.


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