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The struggle is real.

Growing your destination’s visitation and revenues is becoming more challenging than ever.

Maybe your messaging is not inspiring travelers to plan and visit your destination. Or your destination needs to create more inclusive and welcoming experiences. Or maybe your competition and your target market are changing.

That's why you need a better understanding of your visitor experience.

To gain truly actionable insights, you need to know what makes your visitors and community tick.

Discover what they want and need, how they feel about their experience, and what frustrates them the most by listening to their stories and their experiences.

Through SEEQ App


Travelers, residents, and even
hospitality employees.

Everyone has a story.

"I love stories because they get at a human truth in a completely different way."
Group Strategy Director

SEEQ App is the AI-Powered, Story-Based Human Experience Insights Platform

SEEQ App allows you to make better strategic decisions

Optimize your destination’s branding, campaigns, and marketing

Improve your visitor, resident, and hospitality employee experiences

Drive and promote your destination’s social impact and purpose

A great tool when you "really want to zero in and get more information than you get from a typical CX Platform"
Jason, Consumer Insights Executive

A Typical SEEQ Travel Insights Project


Desired Outcomes
Learning Objectives
Project Design


Potential Participants
Hospitality Employees


Ask participants to
share their travel


Identify emotional
values, needs, and
personality traits of
your community
through their stories


Access detailed
reports and
recommendations on
how to best utilize
this information for
your destination

Easy To Start


Quick Execution


Cost Efficient

What You Get With SEEQ App:

Actionable insights with clear recommendations to improve:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Messaging for your brand
  • Visitor experience at your destination
  • Guidance for hospitality partners

What We Deliver:

Projects focused on your business or research needs:

  • Research project design, development, and delivery
  • Story-based analytics, insights, and implications
  • Topline and full executive reports

Check Out Virginia Tourism Corporation’s
Heart and Soul Campaign:

This award winning campaign was built on a strong insights foundation powered by Share More Stories’ SEEQ methodology.

By leveraging authentic storytelling and AI powered analytics, Virginia Tourism developed rich insights into the needs, values, and expectations of Black travelers.

Equipped with those insights, Virginia Tourism created a campaign that exceeds all expectations and continues to reach travelers in a more engaging way.

Read More Here

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"Their insights and ideas are truly actionable. If you want a deeper perspective regarding your key audiences, their approach is by far a valuable platform to invest in."

Communications Executive