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Your Learning Journey Begins in SEEQ App

Kevin Leaven July 07, 2023
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The world of research is evolving rapidly, and staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses to make informed decisions. Your journey into the future of research starts with SEEQ App, where innovative technology meets authentic storytelling, revolutionizing the way you gain insights. With SEEQ App, you can unlock the power of human storytelling and AI-powered analytics to drive your business forward by discovering valuable insights quickly and efficiently.

What is SEEQ App? 

SEEQ App is the most recent evolution of our suite of services, building upon the success of the SEEQ platform. Facilitated SEEQ Sessions revolutionized the way that companies conducted stakeholder research and now, SEEQ App automates that process — guiding participants through story development and using machine learning to analyze stories and categorize what they express.This innovative app takes research to a new level by combining human self-expression with advanced data analysis. Unlike traditional research methods, SEEQ App allows participants to share their personal stories about brands, products, and organizations in a safe, uninterrupted, and scalable way. We’ve found that focusing on what people have to share, instead of just what companies want to hear, prompts incredibly authentic stories from participants, and we believe that is what really matters for meaningful insight.This approach provides companies with valuable feedback that goes deeper than a survey, which allows companies to connect with customers and employees more effectively. 

SEEQ App benefits both companies and participants — consumers, customers, employees and other stakeholders. Companies gain access to real-time and comprehensive insights into the experiences and perceptions surrounding their brands and organizations. This enables data-driven decision-making and the ability to align strategies with their stakeholders’ needs. Participants, on the other hand, have the opportunity to share their stories and help shape the future of products and services in a major way. A recent participant in the Wellness and Midlife Womanhood study said, “I really enjoyed this writing project. I’d really like to be a part of this again.” And one of the participants in the Future of Travel 2023 study said, “”I participated in this study because I truly believe in what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s a risk responding to things via social media, but I did check out your organization. There is not enough diversity of voices when it comes to traveling. I look forward to the results of your study, when available. Thank you.” If you’re not getting that kind of love from your current participants, it might be time to consider a new approach. 

How SEEQ App Works

SEEQ App’s process is simple and intuitive. Participants are guided through the storytelling process using writing prompts and sensory cues, helping them recall key details and experiences. The App employs natural language processing to extract values, emotions, and attitudes from the shared stories. This analysis provides companies with a better understanding of the mindset and emotional state of their target audience, allowing for more effective strategy development, better customer experience and enhanced employee engagement. Likewise for companies, SEEQ App makes it easy to keep learning with their customers and employees, with the ability to have unlimited projects and unlimited participants, and to engage with their communities quickly and iteratively. To get a better sense of how SEEQ App works, watch our explainer video

A collection of screenshots from SEEQ App

Let’s Journey Together

Ready to experience the agile approach to research with SEEQ App? Our handy overview walks you through exactly how this powerful tool can transform your decision-making process. Additionally, if you’re interested in participating in one of our public projects and experiencing our unique approach to storytelling and insights for yourself, check out the SEEQ App and sign up. After you register, you can participate in one or two of our open-to-the-public projects: 

  1. Frequency: What I Wish Brands Knew About Me
  2. Wavelength: What I Wish Employers Knew About Me

Either of these projects will take you through the experience of reflecting on and writing a story about your own customer or employee experiences – and give you a better understanding of how we help users share their stories as part of our customers’ projects. Once you check out our public projects you can get signed up to set up YOUR first project! 

SEEQ App’s revolutionary approach to human experience insights empowers consumers, employees and companies that value authenticity, privacy and community to create better experiences together. Join us! Sign up for a demo or participate in a public project with SEEQ App today.

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