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Learning with Customers and Employees Using SEEQ App

James Warren May 15, 2023
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As you know, Share More Stories has been on a journey to help companies connect and learn with their customers, employees and other stakeholders. We’ve learned a lot about our customers’ biggest pain points with market and employee research, and applying insights that enable better decisions. Their frustrations hit on four themes: speed, affordability, scale and impact. Well, we love learning together, so we’re taking everything we know about 1) helping people share, 2) machine learning and data analytics, and 3) running research projects, and combining it into our new SEEQ App in ways that hit on all of the needs our customers told us about.

This is about making the research experience better, and ultimately helping companies create better customer and employee experiences with and for all of us. But to make things better, typically you have to change, and help others change, too. To help companies learn more from their research, you might have to focus less on what they want to hear and more on what people want to share. To make it easy for people to share uninterrupted, you might have to disrupt sharing. And that’s what SEEQ App is about. It’s about connecting companies to their communities of employees and customers so they can share in a trusted way. This is learning together. It’s collaborative. It’s agile. It’s affordable. And it’s scalable.

I shared our new explainer video with you a few days ago and your feedback was very helpful, so let’s keep OUR conversation going. If you’re interested in this sort of thing, please take a look at our draft SEEQ App landing page. And tell us what you think.

Sign-up will open soon with two new sharing and learning projects, “What I Wish Brands Knew About Me,” and “What I Wish Employers Knew About Me.” These will be great opportunities for you to get into the App and get a feel for how it works as a participant, as a company, or both. If you want to get an early look, let us know and we’ll take care of it.

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