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We’re Getting Closer…

James Warren May 07, 2023
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The public launch for the new SEEQ App is almost here! So excited at how much the Share More Stories team has accomplished just since the start of the year. We have made tremendous product progress, and we’ve launched several customer projects in the new SEEQ App!

Pivots are hard but necessary, and after years of running SEEQ sessions with thousands of participants, learning deeply with our own customers about how SEEQ creates value – and how it doesn’t – we knew it was time to make a few changes. So we’ve been in the lab, taking everything we know about helping brands and organizations learn from their communities, everything we know about leveraging AI to analyze text in meaningful and insight ways, and everything we know about helping people share their stories about their experiences to create a better SEEQ experience for customers, researchers and participants. The result is SEEQ App, a more agile approach to consumer and employee research.

Our own community’s feedback has been so helpful in refining the participant UX and strengthening the value for customers. This is enabling us to make SEEQ App a uniquely helpful tool for people who want to learn from and with their employees and customers — quickly, iteratively, affordably and at scale. Our new subscription model also places the power of SEEQ App within reach for so many more customers. And this is really inspiring because it means we can help more companies make much better EX and CX decisions.

We’re in the final stretch of updating our website to focus on SEEQ App, what it is and how it works, so contact us if you want a demo of our new platform. And in the meantime, here’s an early look at our new explainer video. We’d love to know what you think. 😊🙏🏽💜

Learn more about the development of SEEQ App.

Learn about Future of Travel, a groundbreaking travel and tourism insights project we’re collaborating on with JMI, Esra Calvert Consulting and The Culturist Group using SEEQ App.


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