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20 Ways We Help Companies Learn From Shared Stories

James Warren July 13, 2023
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Need a good reason to give SEEQ App a try? How about 20? 

Check out our #Top20 list of what companies have learned using Share More Stories’ SEEQ App and its predecessor, the SEEQ Sessions:

  1. A management consulting firm learned how imposter syndrome impacted employee experience and identified ways to help their associates overcome it.
  2. A venture capital firm learned about how women in midlife experience wellness.
  3. A Mid-Atlantic state tourism agency mapped the Black travel experience, built a comprehensive marketing strategy with an award-winning campaign, and engaged Black travelers like never before.
  4. A healthcare technology company mapped key moments in their customers’ patient experience and used that to improve org culture, business development, and of course, the patient experience itself.
  5. A Northeast destination learned from visitors and residents alike how to tell the untold stories and reframe misperceptions about their City. 
  6. A trade association in the alcoholic beverage industry identified new ways to segment and engage an untapped consumer audience.
  7. A mortgage servicing company identified the keys to shedding the cloak of anonymity and commodification pervasive in their industry.
  8. An energy company learned what residents really care about when it comes to navigating new infrastructure projects and overcoming NIMBYism. They revamped their community engagement model as a result.
  9. A foodservice company explored the stories of sustainability and used that to connect employees, customers and consumers through deeper purpose. 
  10. A global water NGO used shared stories to identify new messaging themes and improve outreach and engagement results.
  11. A Southeast state tourism agency mapped the travel experiences of Black travelers nationwide, developed new emotion-based personas and used the insights to revise their marketing plan to be more inclusive. 
  12. An early childhood foundation gleaned insights into the experience of undersupported parents and caregivers, developed new communications and increased resource utilization beyond pre-pandemic levels. 
  13. A national youth development think tank explored ways to improve support for DEI leaders and strengthen organization engagement with DEI programs.
  14. A national substance use disorder treatment organization leveraged shared stories to identify connection and engagement accelerators with program partners. 
  15. A leading HBCU learned what its real value proposition is, by uncovering the deeper shared values across alums, faculty, students, administration and trustees. 
  16. A global financial services company uncovered the key drivers of belonging in their organization – across levels, tenures and functional areas.
  17. A global consumer packaged goods company identified the key emotional drivers of consumer adoption for their new product, and successfully shifted their go-to-market approach.
  18. A leading manufacturing company explored the experiences and needs of underrepresented employees and identified not only what they need, but what they uniquely contributed to the company’s success. 
  19. A venerated family foundation engaged their grantee organizations through shared stories to identity themes of impact, connection and community thriving. 
  20. An industrial equipment manufacturing company listened to the stories of employees across the country and representing all types of experiences to understand what it means to be truly included – and what that inclusion can unleash for the company. 

Our team would love to know: which of these can you relate to? What ideas do these examples conjure up for you? (And you can’t say “none of the above” 😁). Drop a reply in the comments.

And if you want to talk about what YOU can learn with SEEQ App, let’s get together. We’ll talk about your needs and give you a brief demo of the platform, because truly, seeing is believing. Feel free to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

In the meantime, check out our SEEQ App overview to learn more about how it works.


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