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The Challenge

How do you tell the story of the 400-year commemoration of historical events in 1619 Jamestown, while also connecting and engaging critical, diverse partners to ensure a more complete story is told? That is the problem American Evolution faced. They hired Share More Stories to help them build a platform and engagement strategy to connect them to the stories across Virginia, and the country.

The Solution

We brought together around 100 partner organizations from across the state for an interactive launch experience. We introduced the storytelling initiative and invited them to share their stories with one another. Dozens of stories were shared at the event and thousands more were identified. We didn’t stop there.

We developed an entire storytelling ecosystem designed to build community and strengthen connections. We designed and built a scalable platform that supports storytelling across multiple audiences, and engages people in an inclusive conversation about diversity, democracy and opportunity. American Evolution Storytelling now powers the Commemoration across activations from social media to experiential.

Insights. Ideas. Experiences. American Evolution is using stories to better understand its community and shape future narrative and experiences to better engage their audiences.

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