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The Challenge

How do you get the insights you need to drive innovation and more deeply engage with your clients? That was the problem Envera Health was facing. They hired Share More Stories to help them develop a solution, grounded in the human truths of healthcare and the authentic connections that come from bringing together their shared-values community.

The Solution

We first started by engaging Envera Health’s employees, many of whom worked in their consumer engagement center, handling scheduling requests and providing patient follow-up services. We used our storytelling workshops to help these employees share their experiences serving patients who were navigating the healthcare system. The story sharing was deep, emotional and authentic. The experience, itself, was quite positive for the employees that were involved. Through sharing their stories, they were able to develop closer connections with their colleagues from across different departments. They were also able to articulate the deeper meaning of their work and remember how passionate they are about working for Envera Health, and the common purpose they are all working towards.

Those stories provided great insight into the healthcare experience today. Using IBM Watson’s AI Analytics tools, combined with the diverse experience and perspectives of the Share More Stories team, we were able to identify some anchoring “truths” of the healthcare experience today.

Those insights provided the springboard for our next session. With Envera Health, we brought together their executives, health system clients, and thought leaders from both inside and outside the industry. This was a community that was grounded in a shared desire to transform the healthcare experience. We also had them share their most memorable, personal stories of the patient experience in healthcare. Again, story sharing accelerated connections among the attendees. We added in what we had learned from Envera Health employees, discussions with thought leaders and design-thinking exercises. This process revealed more “truths” about what healthcare is like today and what it could be in the future.

So, what were the outcomes? The Envera Health team created authentically deeper relationships with each other, their clients as well as other community stakeholders. Participants left inspired and reinvigorated, with actionable ideas for steps they could take to make the change they want to see within their organizations. Envera Health identified concrete ideas for enhancements to their services, as well as a first-edition of the Truth Report. This is a tool that not only allows Envera Health to begin tracking the evolution of the patient experience, but it is a platform for further engagement with both current and prospective customers.

Insight. Ideas. Experience. Envera Health now has more tools for growth.

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