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The Challenge

Most companies understand today that a critical component to their ability to be competitive the marketplace is to have a corporate culture that is diverse and inclusive. But how does a company get beyond wanting a culture that is more diverse and inclusive to actually activating it? That was the challenge that a Fortune 200 company faced when they hired Share More Stories to develop a solution.

The Solution

We got started with one of the several employee resource groups that the company had established. The goal of this group was two-fold. They wanted to be a group that the company could leverage for diverse perspective when it was needed, and they also wanted to promote the professional development of its members.

Share More Stories determined that the best place to start was to design a story sharing experience with the members of the group. After helping the group understand the importance of sharing their stories, coaching them to think about what their personal stories might be, and what could be learned from them; we invited participants to think about what brought them to the company or how they overcame personal or professional barriers to get where they are today.

The stories that this group shared were gripping, very personal and emotional. Company leaders were both surprised and moved by what they heard. Using both our range of professional experience as well as IBMs Watson Analytics tools, we were able to help this group uncover the group’s unique contributions to the company. The stories helped participants develop confidence and skills to connect with other employees through their personal experiences.

~90% of participants believed the workshop:

  • Aligned well with the vision of the group and mission of the company
  • Increased dialogue and understanding around common challenges
  • Increased individual understanding of personal / professional journeys
  • Improved ability to connect authentically with other employees

Further, this experience helped the leaders of the employee resource group more deeply understand how the company could benefit from the experiences and perspective of this group. They also generated ideas for how they could use the insights uncovered in this session to have a different kind of conversation with executive leadership. Based on this group’s success, the company is rolling out the workshops to other groups that are working on activating a culture of diversity and inclusion across the company.

Insights. Ideas. Experience. This Fortune 200 company discovered a tool that is helping them make a culture of diversity and inclusion more than just an aspiration.

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