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Our latest sponsored community has launched!

theellyedit October 27, 2016
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As storytellers, we love new beginnings. They signal exciting times ahead, they provide a wealth of new experiences, and they are a wonderful source of inspiration. Which is why we are so excited by the launch of our latest sponsored community, Food for Thought.

Created in partnership with Compass Group USA, Food for Thought is focused on food recovery and the most essential ingredient behind it – the people. Employees, clients and consumers of Compass Group USA, as well as the employees, partners and clients of food recovery organizations, now have the opportunity to share their unique perspectives on food recovery and to connect with others who share their commitment to helping local communities.

At the time of publishing, five powerful stories have been shared on Food For Thought, and they really highlight the amazing strength and dedication of the people involved in food recovery. We cannot wait to read more of these inspiring stories!

The launch of this new community represents another milestone for Share More Stories. Not only do we continue to empower people to share their stories with the world, we are also actively enabling brands and organizations to connect with people through their stories. We’re excited by what the future holds for people, for brands and for their stories.


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