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The Human Side of Storytelling

By |Blog

Recently, I engaged in a conversation about the lack of human interaction in the early stages of job applications. In this day and age, it seems common for an application to be put forward, perhaps even for two parties to connect, and then… nothing. Even when the job applicant follows [...]

The most important thing we learned this year

By |Blog

Well folks, it’s December, and what a year it’s been. We know it may seem a little premature to start reflecting considering we’ve just hit holiday season, but this year felt particularly eventful. So it only seemed right that we got a head start on our end-of-year retrospection. One thing [...]

Our latest sponsored community has launched!

By |Blog

As storytellers, we love new beginnings. They signal exciting times ahead, they provide a wealth of new experiences, and they are a wonderful source of inspiration. Which is why we are so excited by the launch of our latest sponsored community, Food for Thought. Created in partnership with Compass Group [...]

Monday Monotony / Magic

By |Reflections, Shared Stories

The key makes a half-turn clockwise, opening the door, revealing a hallway I have walked hundreds of time. It is as it always is, except for those few occasions where a neighbor may also be coming or going. To the left are the mailboxes, sitting flush in the wall. A [...]

Milan: Ugly-Beautiful

By |Life's a Trip, Memoir, Reflections

I once read an interview with an industry-revered fashion model, whose features were described as so strange yet unconventionally alluring, that she was often referred to as being ugly-beautiful. And if ugly-beautiful can be used to describe someone - or something - in such a way as to convey appreciation [...]