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Mom’s The Word

theellyedit May 10, 2018
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Florals. Perfume and jewelry ads everywhere. Deeply sentimental greeting cards. Great package deals at day spas. Hmm, something tells us we’re nearing Mother’s Day…

Yes, that’s right, we’re about to hit the second Sunday of May, which means we’re focusing our attention on the chaotic, inspiring, sometimes difficult, often rewarding and highly unique experience that is Motherhood. As such, we want to express our appreciation for the many contributors who have opened up and shared their personal stories of motherhood. Whether these stories relate to the experience of having and raising a child, or the experiences stemming from the relationship people have their mothers, it’s clear that there is much to celebrate – and learn – when we take the time to swap stories on motherhood.

Like the fact that Moms are resilient. This is exemplified in the triumphant story A Baby From A Baby, as well as in Embrace The Angel, a heartbreaking story of strength and empowerment.

Or the fact Moms are human after all. It’s easy to think of Moms as the super-saviors that know everything and who can bravely face all that’s thrown at them. But as shown in Agony of the Empty Nest, there are many challenges that mothers face under the guise of a brave face.

Or that Moms exist in all shapes and forms. For some of us, our Mothers now take shape in memories and in the legacy they leave behind. This is beautifully highlighted in Reflections on Moments Shared With My Mother as well as in I Like The Kitchen. For others, while the actuality of being a Mom is yet to be fully realized, the affinity of motherhood is very much alive. No story demonstrates this better than the honest recollection of Why My Heart Breaks When You Say Enjoy It While You Can.

So while we take the time to honor all Mothers this Sunday, let’s remember that no matter the day or time of year, we can always extend the celebration and honor through story.


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