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Terra Firma and Terra Firma Live on LinkedIn

James Warren October 15, 2023
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In late August, we started a new newsletter and a livestream video series on LinkedIn called Terra Firma. Our goal with this content is connect with you and explore together how Share More Stories is revolutionizing human understanding and connection, through the eyes of our customers and community.

This is a place to go for a weekly dose of inspirational stories, perspective and advice on market research, consumer insights, and organizational learnings — especially focused on customer experience, employee experience and community experience. The newsletter content is a mix of short and longform content with links to related stories and blogs; the video series consists of 30-minute episodes each dedicated to a specific topic that we’ve teed up in that week’s newsletter, along with a deeper dive into one of our customers’ stories and experiences that also relates to the topic.

And who doesn’t need a little inspiration, right? Because life’s a journey. And whether that is personal and individual for you, or it’s about your brand, organization or community, the truth is, that journey can feel a little lonely or confusing, sometimes. In times like that, we need a little “outside in” thinking, a little advice, and examples – yes! examples! – of how others are navigating similar paths. That’s why we named it “Terra Firma” — because we hope this newsletter and the accompanying video series serves as a place of solid ground for you, as you navigate your journey.

We also came up with four themes related to navigation and journeys (maybe we got a little carried away, but hey, we’re built like that): 1) Longitude and Latitude: orienting yourself, by taking stock of where you are, who is with you, and what is happening around you. 2) Roots and Routes: charting your course and choosing a path: where do you want to go? 3) Compass Rose: navigating your journey and checking in along the way –how is the trip going? 4) Knowledge Cartography: mapping what you’ve learned – what have you picked up along the way? How can others follow the path you’ve revealed/created?

We got the inspiration from this blog post we wrote this summer, which highlighted some of the top ways we help customers create better products, services and experiences — through our unique approach to insights, which combines storytelling and AI. We figured, why not dedicate each edition and episode to one of those customer stories, and explore it thematically and substantively from a variety of angles? Because that is, after all, what we do for our customers when it comes to the stories they’re exploring for insights. We even used AI on ourselves, analyzing our case studies and customers stories to summarize the ways we provide value to you and your stakeholders. So it’s all quite meta when you think about it… 😊

So here’s a recap of our first eight weeks of Terra Firma and Terra Firma Live. Enjoy and let us know how we can help you better understand people’s experiences so you can create better ones. If you like what you see, hear and read, subscribe to Terra Firma and follow us on LinkedIn so you can catch all of our Terra Firma Live episodes as they come out or just whenever you need a little inspiration.

Week 1: Preconceptions and misperceptions can sometimes get in the way of us seeing the real story.

READ: Footsteps Through Time: Exploring Identity, Community, and Change in a Northeastern Hub
WATCH: A Northeast destination learned from visitors and residents alike how to tell the untold stories and reframe misperceptions about their City.

Week 2: When you see your consumer in a different light, you can better understand how they see YOU.

READ: Reimagining You: New Views, New Consumer Understanding
WATCH: A mortgage servicing company identified the keys to shedding the cloak of anonymity and commodification pervasive in their industry

Week 3: Sometimes our stakeholders aren’t aligned. Listening with intention and consistency can build trust in the plan and the process.

READ: Pathways to Progress: Insights for Growth
WATCH: Navigating Pathways to Progress

Week 4: Legacies – both good and bad – show up cyclically on the learning journey.

READ: Journey Updates: Exploring Impact, Connection, and Community
WATCH: Legacy and Impact: Terra Firma Live with Share More Stories

Week 5: Businesses can leverage knowledge sharing platforms to bring multiple stakeholders together.

READ: Learning Lanes: Insights from Healthcare Pioneers
WATCH: Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration: Terra Firma Live with Share More Stories

Week 6: Exploring the art of identifying impactful messages that captivate your audience’s attention and truly matter.

READ: Take a Step Forward: Insights from the Travel and Tourism Industry
WATCH: Inclusive Travel Insights: Terra Firma Live with Share More Stories

Week 7: The business landscape offers a multitude of clues… and sometimes, you can get lost staring at what’s right in front of you.

READ: Navigating New Horizons: Consumer Insights and the Landscape Ahead
WATCH: Market Segmentation and Community Insights

Week 8: It’s better to ask than to assume. Even when you think you have your finger on the pulse, constant change can reveal cracks.

READ: Breaking Barriers: How Inclusion Drives Business
WATCH: Challenging Assumptions: Terra Firma Live with Share More Stories


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