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A teens point of view

fijiancoconut September 18, 2018
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I was born and raised in a tiny island called Fiji. Now most people say
“Wow you’re so lucky! It must have been paradise!”. And at most times it was. But what tourists don’t see and what I did was the pollution and the don’t care attitude. I was on a ferry aged 10 to another smaller island and I saw a middle aged man throw his empty cigarette packet into the ocean. And I looked at him and said something like “Don’t you ever do that again. That was disgusting”. And he apologized to me. I gave him the stink eye and thought. “Why is he apologizing to me?”. Like yeah I called you out for it but i’m not the one that has to pay. Can you believe it? A 10 year old calling a middle aged man out. Shouldn’t they be the ones setting an example?? I truly hated that man but I mean like he doesn’t know better. He’s wired like that and he grew up thinking thats the ways to deal with it. Just throw it away and expect it to never come back and bite you in the ass. I feel sorry for the next generation in underdeveloped countries. Again, why should I even have to say what I said? People should just know better. Thank you.

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