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Hopes and Dreams


Rashid Ben Addi March 03, 2021
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He was late for her this time, she questioned: what took you so long? He didn’t answer! He sat catching his breath, she didn’t ask again, they remained silent, he was looking at his shoes and she was looking to the sky. She was praying and he was cursing and reviling in silence, he spits a lot though, he finally spoke: I walked thirty miles to find cigarettes stubs, imagine, yet I couldn’t even find one stub! As if suddenly everybody stopped smoking! Fuck! Silent took place again, she put her hands in her pocket and took out some coins; take, buy a cigarette! His eyes shined, he grabbed the coins and indeed bought a cigarette, he smoked it away from her, went back to his place, held her hand and kissed it, he descried a cigarette stub next to her, acted as if he was thinking; I’ve never seen that lighthouse before, was it always there? Where? There! She looked where he pointed; he took it away quickly and put it in his pocket! It’s not a lighthouse! It looks like a lighthouse!


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