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Tears of Love in Pain on a Sunday Night in the July of Our Changing

James Warren July 17, 2020
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When the tears are everything: love and anger, hope and fear, pride and pain
That is what I feel tonight.

I sit here on the verge
The tears want to spill and I tell them no.
Stay back for a little while. Please. I’m not ready.
I don’t want to open it and let it all out.
But even I know, the uncorking must continue
So I pour out the wine of my love, my sorrow, my pain and my hope
Love. Light. Smiles.

Love. Light. Smiles.
Moon so bright
Smiles amidst tears
What we see in the streets is what we know
Full moon
The love
We can do this
Come on now
We can do this
I cry out, we cry out
For our mothers and fathers, both known and unknown, asking and pleading for a guide
We pray to God and ask for a sign
And the answers are all the same:
Let it go
Let the hate go
Let the love flow
Who are you talking to? I ask Him.
Right, I nod

Embrace us together
The dream is still alive
You see a flickering flame
I see ash-covered coals that can reignite the fire of freedom for us
I don’t care what we look like right now
We are not finished
You hear me?
We. Are. Not. Finished.
Hold on, morning is coming
Morning is coming
Ah yes, there she is peeking through the darkness

I can’t wait to stand with you as we see the dawn of our next chapter
The American story is not yet written
Because it has not included all of us
But now, we put pen to paper
We tell and retell
We sing and dance
With joy we will rise from this moment
Those who seek unity, unite!
Those who embrace division, be gone!
The future is not yours
It is Ours.
Hours away, just hours til jubilee is Ours
America is not just red white and blue. It is all the colors.
All the colors, so gorgeously multihued that it will be but a short time when we will need to seek other ways to see other
No America, America is all of us

No matter who you are, what you look like, who you love, what your abilities are, where you come from, what language you speak
Don’t be afraid.
Love always wins.
This battle is fierce, but you got me love-fighting out here, spinning and dancing in love, light and smiles even as we aim justice-arrows at the hate in our world
We set off love.

I am a love justice warrior

Fight fight fight
Love love love
In my pain in my grief sometimes with bared teeth I sing my song: I love you
I give you love. I give you light. I give you smiles.

Justice love.
Righteous compassion. That is what I have for you, that is what I ask for you
Rise up
A new America
Emboldened by justice
Grasping its origin
Enlightened by its present
United in its future

Now my tears fall freely
They water the ground, they blend with yours, they nurture the seeds of our shared hope, our faith
I look toward to the day
The new seeds of shared freedom, of hope and unity, or love for all of us,
Shoot out of the soil of that which was once a wasteland of segregation
And is now a garden of life

Love and justice

Our losses are not the final tally. Our together is what we have to look forward to.
I love us more than you hate me. I am victorious

Because I love justice, I love just us

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